Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by eveyoz, Nov 16, 2007.

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    This is great to see.
  3. It seems like BAFF have pushed for this, I'm not sure why they chose the above venue.

  4. OH MY GOD!!! How great would that be. I would give anything to parade at hampden tomorrow.

    However, on at Wembley this is absolutly a great idea and should be done pretty often. I know in American at sports events they sometimes ask servicemen and woman to stand for an applause of appreciation for their service to their country.
  5. You're going to make a brilliant walt one day.
  6. 'kinnel! Better hope that they don't insist on mandatory drug testing before letting British soldiers on the pitch. Could be very embarrassing
  7. Now this is a good move, however I assume it's just the fit and healthy ones that will be parading? How about wheeling some of the ones that have lost limbs out etc, be a far more striking and poignant message to joe public to see those guys...
  8. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    and the relatives of the fallen.
  9. Yes it would.

    Maybe the first part should be the fit and healthy, marching to demonstrate how BritFor normally looks like, then parade the crippled and lame to show how some come back home.

    That would be hard hitting and display in no uncertain terms the price that members of our society are paying for protection at home and a better life for others.
  10. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    Heard it on Radio 5 last night and it's not BAFF it's British Forces Federation. At the moment they can only get 50 tickets and the FA see no point in just parading the boys & girls around and then booting them out of the stadium.

    If there is only 50 tickets you would think that BFF would use them to get the folks out of Selly Oak and Headley Court for a treat. IMHO would have had a better effect. However it may be BFF using it as a little publicity wezzz for themselves?
  11. I've just signed out my tin foil on this one too. I've got mixed feelings about this one too. Lets see if anyone at Selly Oak would be willig first. I don't think i'd be comfortable being wheeled out onto the pitch so everyone could say "Look dad, that fella has one leg".
  12. Hmmm, i've just been told that i've been put forward for a free VIP ticket for this match.

    Should i pack my tin foil hat just in case?
  13. Tin Foil hat and noddy suit me thinks.
  14. This should not be exceptional, but should be routine at any and all significant sports events. Even Premiership games could benefit by calling in the local boys and giving them 5 minutes of glory. They have earned it after all!
  15. Makes a change. Normally the only clap a soldier gets is the type you catch on the Reeperbahn