Troops start coming home next year - Mr Cameron.

Mr Cameron has said troops could start coming home as early as next year.

BBC News - Wikileaks cables 'will not damage UK-Afghan relations'

Just a quick one before I go to work.

Does anyone else see news stories like this as undermining our mission in Helmand? Since when has it been appropriate to publicly announce that troop numbers will be dropping in any conflict? Or for that matter announce a date when there will be no more troops in theatre?

And all this straight after it was announced that Afghan and US officials were doubting UK's commitment to the conflict. Has the PM just proved them right?

Please discuss, I'd be happy to hear other people's views on this.


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I imagine that most of the guys and girls in AFG expect to be coming home sometime next year, that being the nature of a 6 month deployment.

Yes I do agree that his 'announcement' undermines the effort.
It absolutely undermines the troops in Afghanistan, but then so much the politicians do has that effect.

It will no doubt be another blow to morale whilst people wonder what's the point in being out there for a further year when we seemingly have no intention of finishing the job.
What saddens me the most is that in 5 to 10 years time, when we pull out completely, and Afghanistan returns back to the state it was in pre 2001, in just a matter of months. Maybe then, some people will realise that the brave souls that have died, have died for what? Nothing? It saddens me so much that we can't stop the Government from wasting all these lives
You're allowed to have strong views, I just thought it was curious that you used exactly the same phase in two different posts.

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