Troops returning from active duty ripped off for millions of dollars

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by bbgcommunications, Nov 18, 2011.

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  1. US Troops returning from active service holding at Leipzig/Halle Airport are being ripped off and scammed for millions of dollars. $41 for a four second phone call to tell the wife he’s safe and coming home.
    Read the full report.
    Suit: Firm charged $41 for 4-second phone call - Army News | News from Afghanistan & Iraq - Army Times

    BBG COMMUNICATIONS/BBG GLOBAL, same company different name, has rigged the phones so that returning troops have no choice but to use their Credit Card and be ripped off, a class action suite is in process.

    Are British troops being ripped off the same?
    contact via website: BBG COMMUNICATIONS - Telephone Credit Card Overcharged - Class Action
  2. I used the USO computers at Rhinemain to tell the family my ETA. Do British Troops even transit through Germany on the way home would likely answer your question. For us its Germany, Shannon(god bless Joe Sheridans Pub) and Home.
  3. Whats the problem. I thought you chaps were all for the unfettered operation of the Market. If GI Joe chooses to pay $41 to call Mom thats his choice. Surely you are not suggesting that the US taxpayer should provide some form of subsidised communications ? Thats Communism ! etc etc....
  4. Saladin, I’ll take up the challenge and answer your inane comments.
    First, I am British and not a GI JOE.
    Second, US troops do receive subsidized calling in the form of telephone cards that they buy at the PX.
    And third BBG COMMUNICATIONS have rigged the phones so that they can’t use their subsidized cards and are forced to use their personal Credit Cards.
    And finally, BBG gives no indication of the outrages charges, troops only find out how much the call cost when they receive their Credit Card statement.

    We can only assume that you don’t have a Mum who would appreciate knowing if you were coming home alive or not.
    Now what were you saying?
  5. But you don't get irony?
  6. That he doesn't really give a shit, I think.
  7. Hey guys knock yourselves out, the charges apply to Brits using airport phones also. But then I guess your used to being assraped with costs
  8. They're a Swiss company, not German, and operate at many airports around Europe and Asia. I don't really see the problem. Same shit happens when I want to buy a plastic sandwich on a train or a crappy little burger on Ryan Air - you're a captive customer and you get ripped off. Getting 'caught out' in this way just shows lack of common-sense or that you're desperate but accept the hit on your wallet.
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  9. Er, so use the subsidized cards in theatre to let her know you about to leave...

    After that surely the unit will let her know when the bods are due in...
  10. See guys here’s what you’re missing. If US troops can bring a class action against this company and win then so can we. The UK is not as litigation crazy as the US and Class Actions are not the norm but if our guys are being ripped off and it can be stopped, then why not?
    I’ll see if I can fix your plastic sandwich next, OK?.

    So I’ll ask the question again,
    Are our troops being ripped off by this company?
  11. Spot on Biscuits. No need for the outrage bus here at all. Firstly its the Septics getting ripped off so for them to sort out, Secondly they'll only get ripped off if their personal admin was so shite that they failed to tell the folks they were inbound before they left theatre. Thirdly, most airports tend to have pay as you go internet....
    BBGComs - You are right on one area only. I don't have a Mum who would appreciate etc. Shes dead. Cheers fella.
  12. Saladin, I apologies for the Mum comment, sorry!
    But if you lead with your chin people are going to take a swing at it.
    No hard feelings!
  13. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    ********. Say what you need to say and quick. You're about two steps away from being binned.
  14. Who hands over credit card info without finding out what something is going to cost? I feel for the guys who've spent ridiculous amounts on phone calls, but then I also feel for the spastics on 'homes from hell' who buy apartments in doomed and illegally build complexes in the outer reaches of Europe.