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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Highflight, Sep 25, 2007.

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  1. Just some photos for all ARRSE members to see. No argument from me or point made. I know that this matter has been raised before and the strong feelings expressed by ARRSE members.


    The soldiers concerned received minor injuries. What price 'snatch landrovers' here?.

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  2. Thats some bollox parking that is!
  3. Damn thats a mess ! glad all concerned survived
  4. A lick of paint and it'll be back on the road :D

    Just shows how survivable the Couger is. Does it come with spare shreddies?
  5. Pity the lads did not have this vehicle years back. There would be more of them alive today if they had. A friend of mine lost his son to an IED in Iraq whilst driving in a landrover.

    Politicians/Generals hold your heads in shame!.
  6. Ive just spoken to someone from LAD. He reckons that they most likely VOR'd that. But you can never be 100%
  7. Never!! You can still see all the wheels...........mostly.
  8. Apparently it was okay besides the VRN plate needed washing and the convoy light was broke.
  9. hmmmmmm engineering hygiene needs improving me thinks
  10. Jeesus Lawsome , you can tell youve passed a PAAB, engineering hygine!!!
  11. 'A' jobs then.
  12. Thats what you get when you park your new motor in a dodgy neighbourhood.
  13. i hope they filled out the last parade sheet or the MT dept will be unhappy.
  14. Bet the driver gets it in the neck for allowing his vehicle to get into such a state.
  15. it was green on JAMES honestly!


    awesome bit of kit......note to MOD buy more