Troops pay ‘blood price’ as ex-MoD chief protects £1bn deal

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by hackle, Apr 10, 2010.

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  1. From the Mail. By Glenn Carlin & Brendan Owen. What do ARRSE aviation experts, and others, think about this story?

    MailOnline source:
  2. I can give you my non aviation expert view which is that Sir Kevin should be sent to the bloody tower the unscrupulous tw4t.
  3. Absolutely typical of the UK; we're offered a sound and proven airframe in the Blackhawk in a shorter frame of time, but we insist on paying over the odds and waiting God knows how much longer for a custom-made alternative. Maybe the Lynx is worth waiting for, I'll leave the experts to comment on that, but to me this stinks of pocket-lining at the cost of lives by Kevin Tebbit.
  4. This was talked about at the time and last year, there was something not quite right about the Sikorsky deal, can't remember what but it's not as cut and dry as the paper report makes out.

    I'd say it's more lazy journalism, reheating an old story that died a death a year ago, plus the story doesn't really say much about what the deal was in the first place, delivering helicopters is all good, but do we have access to the software, what exactly do we get, who carries out the training, are BOM's, pubs, etc provided, etc, etc, etc.

    It's not as easy as just nipping out and buying a helicopter and hey presto we can use them, there's the whole logistics chain, the training and modifications to bring them up to UK spec, that takes a hell of a lot longer than a year!
  5. The Blackhawks would have been basket cases and very old versions. Logistics chain would have been massively costly. As for Wildcat? I'm saying nowt as I'd like to keep my pension for a bit longer thanks ;)
  6. The Sikorsky deal was genuine and there were no catches. The subject of Wildcat viability has been covered well here on Arrse in the Aviation forum.

    The deal for Blackhawks is still on the table if the MOD ever wanted a re-think. The chances are Nil.
  7. Flashy the models on offer were "UH 60M"..... spankers
  8. Quite. Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't that the very reason that the Mk3 Chinooks were mothballed for umpteen years - the fact that Boeing/the US DoD refused to let us see the software code to allow the aircraft to be certified as airworthy?

    Clearly what we need in the current environment is a new ASW helo [/sarcasm], but how much better would a Blackhawk option have been? Would it have taken until a lot longer than 2012 to get a fleet of UH-60s and all of the associated logistics support, not to mention crew training on a completely new type?

    If the MoD had gone down the Sikorsky route, I reckon we'd be sat here now complaining that they didn't procure the Lynx as it's taking to long to get the Blackhawks into theatre. It is ARRSE, after all :roll:
  9. Who told you that?......
  10. PM on it's way
  11. It seems very suspect that he joined Finmeccanica 1 month after leaving the MOD, he must have know that he was going there months before, since it is an important position in a large company. I wonder how much impact he would have had into the decision to sign the contract, as Permanent Secretary to Geoff Hoon. It would be interesting to see a timeline of events for this, could show any possible motives. Hopefully there will be an inquiry.

    Without trying to defend this cnut, it is debatable how true Sikorsky's claims are that they could have delivered the choppers by now, they could be looking for some cheap positive marketing.

    If Tebbit was influential in originally agreeing to the contract, then he needs jailing.
  12. Jail time all round.
    TCHoon, again.
    Has there ever been a more disgraceful or corrupt government ?
    Now even the Civil Service Stinks.
    And who pays the Butchers Bill ?

  13. As a civil serpent, he was bound by the rules of 'due diligence' which would normally mean there was recourse against him, should he be shown to have not acted in the interest of the taxpayer. Not sure how the rules apply now that he is no longer in HMs employ.

    As an aside, Finmeccanica gave us each a pack of playing cards at Xmas. We played one game with them, and ditched that pack plus several unopened ones, as they were shite.
  14. If, as you say, it was just a month after he left MOD, He must have known his future well in advance of that time.

    It strikes me that there is an argument for Senior civil servants, who obviously hold significant influence in such policy making, should be obliged to declare any business/financial interests in the same way that MPs do/should.
  15. I'd like to see what Private Eye says about this.