Troops parcels being nicked at the post office.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by TartanJock, Aug 20, 2007.

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  1. Parcels for troops cost a packet at the post office folks,yet the post office will not back down as they are saying that what they charge is reasonable!I picked up on this Letter in todays Daily Mail by a mother of a soldier at present in Afghanistan.She has been sending weekly boxes to him in Sangin.The first was opened before it arrived and half of its contents removed.She says that instant noodles,cup-a-soups and Granola bars did not pose a threat to national security.I can only assume that some heartless people had helped themselves to our troops comfort foods.Her son asked his mother to list the contents of his box and attach it to the inside of the lid so that he could check to see if anything was missing.The list was removed from the next box and the packaging resealed.Now the contents are written in indeleble ink on the inside of the lid on the box.So folks if you know of anyone sending parcels to the boys and girls out in these unforgivable places tell them to really secure the boxes and list the contents where it cannort be removed, better still, send a letter with the list in a separate envelope to them so that they can check it when and if it arrives.

    One soldier had an IPod sent out for his 19th birthday,recorded with all his favourite music.The box had been opened,the IPod removed and the packaging resealed.

    How on earth do we protect our parcels within the postal system from thieves working in the post office.It costs even more to register the parcels and even then they are not protected from the thieves within.

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  2. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    Two words -


    How fecking dare they - it is a crime for one. Has this been reported to the Royal Mail, Mill Hill and the Police. Disgusting.
  3. Damn... this burns me up to hear. I hope the scum are caught and prosecuted to the fullest extent. Here in the states, the lion's share of post office employees are actually veterans so it's very rare to have this happen.
  4. this is absolutely disgraceful. i hope the persons responsible are caught and severely punished by the law and by royal mail. these people are lower than kiddie fiddlers and you cant get much lower than that.

    they are doing this then have the cheek to go on strike for better pay and conditions when our colleagues are laying down their lives for their country.

    sorry gotta go. the red mist is descending and my computer could be making a new window.
  5. Interception of the Royal Mail was a hanging offence once, was it not?
  6. Just read that one myself

  7. !!

    You don't really mean that do you?
  8. I think that used to be the case 20 odd years ago in the UK. I'm happy to be corrected,but I think the post office has become a lot more 'casual',certainly in it's approach to employee standards. I've been reliably informed by one of his mates,that the postie who used to deliver stuff to my old street in London,when he couldn't be bothered to deliver,would just dump it in the nearest post box,and head home back to bed.
  9. I went to two London Post Offices before sending a CD to a friend in the Stan. At both Post Offices they asked which country the mail was going to even though the item was fully labelled. At the first one they claimed to be unsure of the cost so I walked out, at the second I had printed out the charges from the Post Office website and when asked what country it was going to I refused to answer and quoted them what it said on the website re. charges. Was very unhappy about this as you can imagine - but the item did arrive.

    Fully support the campaign for free mail and hope the fingers drop of the thieving rodents in Royal Mail.
  10. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    OK, on a par with kiddy fiddlers then.
  11. fine...
  12. That is f&cking Disgusting, its bad enough that that our family have to pay for parcels, then to have dirty pikey's nicking our morale boost.

    Dirty F%$^&&G W£%$^&G C$%TS !!!!!!

    Sorry rant over, i'm calm now
  13. I sent a parcel to a mate in Afghanistan in May and it has yet to arrive, but I've been told by other mates that depending on the route the mail takes and whether it's subject to 'local interference' it may get there in pieces or not at all!
  14. It's OK, the useless kunts will be out of work soon if they keep striking.

    I used to have a lot of time for them, but after announcing their last strike was to cause minimum disruption to their pay whilst causing maximum disruption to the customers over a dispute with the management over modernisation - just doesn't make sense. If you are in disagreement with management - cause them the disruption - tossers!

    [Rant over.]

  15. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Thieving toerags. Like you said they'll be out of a job soon when postal services are put out to tender. Then they'll be moaning on the news how life is unfair.