Troops neglected and let down - Guardian article.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ViroBono, Aug 15, 2007.

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  1. Another excellent article from Audrey Gillan in the Guardian:

  2. Says it all really.

    Well done BAFF, RBL and others for taking this forward. Let's hope that someone listens.

    I prefer to travel hopefully.
  3. Makes you angry doesn't it? :twisted:

    You would think that by now they could treat us all like human beings and cut us some slack, especially for those still serving and risking life and limb.

    My era are used to being dumped on but I had hoped that things would have changed... sadly they haven't and with the current situation, its likely worse than before.
  4. Cow

    Cow LE

    Imagine if a Government Minister stood up in Parliament and admitted that the forces aren't receiving the support they deserve. Would anything change? Can things change quick enough to affect those who are currently needing support?

    Charities have plans to resolve some of the issues, but would they get money given to them to do this or would it require the government setting up more agencies (taking time and planning) to address the problems. Is there too much change needed for change to be put into place?
  5. Well the change to make service wounded have their own wards didn't take much change. Just a few quid. But even that was too much at the beginning.
  6. Sure all it takes is some bloody willpower? We know we've got the money to do it, look at the size of the payout to that frigging typist. £484k of kit, anyone?
  7. Just bring back military hospitals and treat those wounded and maimed in a military environment and forget about getting the so called best treatment on the NHS which is non-existant.
  8. Good article and good on the Legion for getting the finger out to highlight the complete indifference that this Goverment has for the Armed Forces. I did 13 years in Light blue and have decided to be a bit more active in trying to get something done particlarly after reading the amounts given to the civvy typist and the injured soldier, makes me sick. I feel that people like myself have a duty to pull the finger out a bit more and highlight the disgraceful way the guys still serving are being treated, especially in the light of the MOD trying to stop the serving guys from highlighting the problems in the first place.
  9. Well 484 K for a thumb is bloody insane. Meanwhile, T. Atkins gets the shaft and sweet F.A. Politicians are scum and the system is a sham that allows our wounded to get treated so badly.
  10. The problem is that we're (you're - I'm outside now) our own worst enemy. The British Services have always made a success out of what should have been an underfunded, badly planned failure. Ironically, thats what makes UKAF the envy of the world. How many other armies would go warfighting (Telic) without body-armour? How mant US soldiers do we see with home-made wpn covers so their shooters will function in Afg?

    The difference now is that the Govt for the last 10 years has taken advantage of that and lied and cheated it's way into reducing UKAF to a shadow of itself where all it's influential officers are more terrified of cuts than they are of losing wars. And we're all as bad as each oher, when the MinAF rocks up at an APOD and the boys are gathered round to listen to the usual pish about what a great job blah blah and your country really values you blah blah, no-one asks him why his mate has to share a ward in Selly Oak with some feckin asylum seeker who cut his arm whilst robbing a post office.

    There's something really wrong with this but it requires moral courage on such a massive scale that it'd be tant amount to mutiny to change it, because it's endemic.

    When I was working at an HQ in the NAG in 2003, that bufoon Geoff Hoon rocked up to offer "support". In a closed environment with no cameras or tape recorders a Div-level staff were not allowed to ask questions that hadn't been vetted by his staff! I ask you! How solid must they be?

    Here's a thought, let's get a gang of 20 blokes, all ranks, to do a job swap with the Cabinet. Lets see if a score of the funniest, can-do, slightly badly-behaved (!) squaddies can make a better job of running this VERY ADVANCED country!

    Nominations for appointments to the Arrse Cabinet.....
  11. That story about £484K for damaged thumb can't be right there must be more to it.

    I know we get poorly treated in the grand scheme of things, but i'm not having it that the powers that be gladly watch that amount of money go knowing that there would be some major repercussions.

    Smells abit of journo sensationalism to me.

    By the by £152K for BP is utterly disgusting, but believable of the cnuts at the top.
  12. Dingerr, why do you find it hard to believe 480k for a civvy typist? That's the going rate! Just because the lads who get shot/blownup/kidnapped in the sh1tholes of the planet settle for less doesn't mean she will! We're the ones who have got it wrong! I bolloxed my knee earlier this year on a job, I didn't go home early, but missed 1 x 6 week rotation. I was in a civvy clinic having MRIs and arthroscapies as quick as a flash, and paid a grand a week whilst off injured. Mrs 5.56short had to wait 6 months for her MRI and another for the op (copper, not services). I felt fecking guilty because I got looked after.

    The problem is that the Govt and the top brass know that the lads (and the officers) will take it, because they are the superstars they are. But because the Govt and top brass are so utterly morally bankrupt they would sooner take advantage of the military then suppot it. How many times is a senior officer (2*+) going to visit Selly Oak and get an earful, same same politician.

    We all need to make more noise, call the Sun that usually works, anything to keep that fat tw@t PM's ratings from falling.
  13. There is more to it, as far as I have read in the press (not withstanding media bias etc) it would seem that the majority of this payout has gone to the ambulance chasing law firm that represented her
  14. For the 484k, most of it covers her legal expenses - the actual award is a pittance by comparison.
  15. The BAFF and RBL campaigns are most welcome. The whole public should get behind this initiative, which focuses precisely on the problem - the flouting of the Military Covenant - rather than the symptoms.

    I believe that politicians should be asked to sign up in public to the campaign. If they decline, they should not be invited to military or veterans events, and they should be shamed in public. That is my belief, I am sure wiser heads may be more diplomatic! :twisted: