Troops need more, Army head says

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Skynet, Jul 17, 2009.

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  1. Troops need more, Army head says

    Caroline Wyatt reports on the current row over equipment for troops in Afghanistan

    The head of the UK Army has said better equipment is needed to protect troops from roadside bombs in Afghanistan.
    General Sir Richard Dannatt told the BBC troops "needed more" and added that he would be compiling a shopping list of what was required.
    Gordon Brown has repeatedly insisted the Army has enough equipment and denied claims of a helicopter shortage.
    The general's comments will be seen as careful "parting shots", says the BBC's defence correspondent Caroline Wyatt.
    More on the link
  2. Interview of General Dannatt this morning 17th July on Radio 4 at 0810 for those who may be interested.
  3. We, ARRSE, seem to be getting bandied about by journo's quite a lot at the moment:

    ''Messages left on the Army Rumour Service website used by many service personnel yesterday reflected military anger about Labour’s treatment of Sir Richard.

    One user said: “The spin and smears are getting personal -- looks like he’s hitting them where it hurts with the truth.” "

    edited for rubbish typing
  4. Ooh! Fame at last!!

    Well it's all a bit of a no brainer isn't it?

    Who do you believe? A man like General Dannett who has consistently supported the weflfare and well being of his troops, even to the detriment of his own career?

    Or a man who lies as naturally as the rest of us breathe and is PERSONALLY responsible for the deaths of at least some of our comrades due to his pathological hatred of the armed forces??

    I've news for you Gordon, most of the public love us, most of that same public hate you.

    You are a busted flush, you are yesterdays man, you are Mr Has Been.

    For Gods sake just go, before your lies and deceit cost more mens lives.
  5. The BBC just reported that top of Dikky boy's list is a shortage of DOCTORS FFS
  6. I know Gen. D. is retiring soon
    Do we know who the next incumbent is going to be?
    Will he pick up the baton and go for Cyclops with the same furore?
    Or will he be another one marking time until his peerage and elevation to the House of lords?
  7. Well considering Cyclops will be gone next year, it is an ideal opportunity to ingratiate oneself with the next government by making life as uncomfortable for the one eyed pathological liar as possible.

    Who knows?There may be a peerage in it at some time in the future!
  8. Just a thought,
    But why is the CGS retiring mid War?
    Troops on ground don't normally have this opt out.
    Surely he should stay and see it through, keep badgering Cyclops and his left whinger liebour party cronies.
  9. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I don't believe he has any choice in the matter.
  10. surely there should be some caveat in the post contract to the effect, 'If we are involved in an operation with x% of HMF involved, you hold the post until death or end of conflict'

    Bit like the US Minutemen.
  11. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    He is retiring because G Brown doesn't like the way he speaks publically on Govt failings, and therefore didnt give himthe CDS job.

    The next CGS is Gen David Richards, currently CinC Land Forces. Don't think he will be a pushover either.
  12. Be kind to him he has clearly been held prisoner on an island with no access to newspapers for the last couple of years.
  13. Heard him this morning on Radio 4....impressive performace....doesn't give a t0ss for the smears and backstabbing coming from Labour circles.
  14. It'll be very interesting to see his 'shopping list'.

    I for one am outraged to learn that the troops in Afghan are not being given fruity yoghurts in their lunchtime horror-bags. This cannot be a simple oversight and I will be posting an e-petition on the Gov't website as soon as this nail varnish dries properly.

    (Let's see some lazy journo publish that quote.)
  15. maybe Gen Dannatt should become a politician. i'd vote for him.