Troops May Protect Power Plants

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by RFUK, Jan 8, 2007.

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  1. Just came across this on The Oracle:

    I bet whoever's lucky enough to get spammed will love this! Surely it's a police responsibility being within the UK?

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  2. It would come under MACP, as the 'defence' of Heathrow airport sort of did.

    If it was a major issue the TA might be tasked in support of it, simply because of the numbers required, which would probably involve sitting in a ditch a mile away drinking tea until the 'crisis' is over and leaving all the close up stuff to the Plod.
  3. Dont know about the rest of the country but the local news here in Norfolk are reporting that MOD Plod are being deployed to protect the Bacton Gas Terminal and apprantly the Gas companies are going to be picking up the tab.

    I was getting rather worried about STABs running around thinking their the SAS.
  4. I'm sure we'll be able to resist the temptation. :roll:
  5. They have CCRF, so they know how to stag on a cordon :wink:
  6. Yes, because the SAS stag on gas terminals all the time. Why would it worry you? Do tell.
  7. If they pay me enough overtime, I would quite happily take a pack of thermos of Coffee, some Sandwiches, a good book suitably warry perhaps one by a ex 49 Para serviceman and sit down doing fuckall !

    easy money :D
  8. Genuine Question

    With tha army as overstretched as it is, just what are those 20,000 odd blokes doing in the BAOR?
    What could they achieve that pointing nukes at Dresden wouldn't? It must be an expensive place to train in.

    Am I just being fick, and missing a really obvious GOOD reason for all that manpower out in Germany.
  9. I think they have already started guarding Gas lines. In my local town I spotted four blokes stood round a hole in the ground looking down at a gas pipe - none of them looked to be busy working so I suspect they were highly trained killers protecting the national assets! I established an OP in the local coffee shop and confimed that all four appears to know sod all about the gas pipe.

    (The fact they had British Gas on their HV vests was a simple decoy because all four of the were wearing DMP trousers and boots).
  10. thought that was war role for certain units, wouldn't take much for the govt. to change terms of reference so troops could be used in 'terrorist emergencies'
    I'm sure RAF Regt (uk units) were tasked with this type of role in early-mid 80's, Defence of pipelines/pumping stations and bulk storage facilities might be within their capabilities
  11. Percy_Pigeon

    Percy_Pigeon War Hero Book Reviewer

    What goes around comes around site guard

    Bring back the old days
  12. Were would you put th 20,000 plus families etc all? the MoD is selling off land. No money to repair the current accom blocks never mind build a new camp and houses were would the kids go to school you would need new ones building along with doctors etc as the local infrastructure couldn't cope over crowded class rooms etc. Training area's suddenly booked solid and units unable to get on them etc.

    Do you think that Broon hasn't already looked at this in the past 10 years? I remember making this as a passing comment in the cook house back in 1998 nearly got laughed out for being stupid even thought it was a tongue in cheek comment.

    As for the the rest of the thread sounds like HSF again
  13. I know I was being flippant, earlier on. :D

    This is a serious reply :
    Where will the men come from ? the TA might have done it as many of them live right the doorstep of some of these places, however many have already been deployed and is back home probably in no mood to do extra work at home unless it instead of going to Iraq and Afghanistan.
    That will leave the Regs, one problem if they are asked to do more for less as is the TA as well, then some will probably vote with thier feets, I admire many squaddies ability to put up with a lot of crap, I am sure some already have limits and is past them, Broon will have to start putting money where his mouth is,
    we are already talking about him as if he is already a PM and Bliar is an irrelevent lame duck.

    on another note:
    The ACF adults may live in these localities, they are however not trained for these roles.
  14. Want that the whole point of the HSF ex forces/TA & cadet AI's? could apply up to the age of 55 for this purpose
  15. So that wouldn't be 21 or 23 then?