Troops may leave Bosnia in spring, hints Browne

Troops may leave Bosnia in spring, hints Browne

Deborah Summers and agencies
Monday October 30, 2006
Guardian Unlimited

British troops could be withdrawn from Bosnia within months, the defence secretary said today, as he faced down claims that the military was being "stretched" in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Des Browne insisted that current force levels in Afghanistan and Iraq were "manageable" and said that the government gave its commanders "what they need to do the job".

But he told Chris Bryant, the Labour MP for Rhondda, that troops would be withdrawn from Bosnia next spring.

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Yeah they'll be travelling home via Helmand Province where they will be enjoying the local climate prior to returning home, possibly via Iraq.

Stretched but not Overstretched.
The German contingent of 7,000 is leaving Bosnia pretty sharpish as well,overstretching is being given as the reason as the Krauts have a massive standing Army but very few available for `Combat`operations.
I reckon we should work Parliament 16 hours a day 365 days a yeat since the Country doesn't stop on any day and then see if they can manage with the stretch but not find themselves overstretched. Maybe we should also enforce there attendance at every debate and make them do all the Committee work as extramural activity as that would still be within their fiunding and we could say that tehy are stretched but not overstretched and so clearly do not need any more money - actually since they are so busy in the House we can responably expect to slash a third off their travel budgets as they won't need to swan off around the world doing f*** all.
The Army is not overstretched? Why then are 1 Staffords returning to Iraq as we speak when they only got back from there last October? 2 years between tours my arrse.
Dodgerdog - I agree with you entirely, sadly I doubt if they could manage without their holidays though!!!
Oh thats good! We can all concentrate on the sandy places whilst the Croat and Serb nationalists go back to the merry sport of genocide and ethnic cleansing . Just because it is quiet does not mean it has gone away.
Is this an OFFICIAL hint or just a hint attributed to a reliable source so therefore well enough away from HMG to be possibly classified as reliable?

Its just that if it doesn't happen then Des/Wes/Les Brown(e) has covered his back perfectly.
Believe it when it happens, especially if it involves Mr Browne.

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