Troops Live In Squalor While Brass Lavish £500k on Servants

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Santa_Sunday, May 26, 2007.

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  1. From The Mail

    Has it not always been the way............??

    CGS and AG coming if for particular stick.
  2. A complete non-story. Senior Officers have always had it this way and not just the Army-the RN and RAF Senior Officers get the same treatment.

    FFS, we've got the Steward Branch whose sole purpose in life is to look after Officers onboard-and there are hundreds of them!
  3. Kevan Jones spends enough of our dough on himself. It has always been the case that General Officers always had a House Sergeant, so if you factor in the bill for his wages, there is 30+ grand straight away.

    The housing stock IS in shitstate, but surely the bigger the house, the bigger the cost to try and keep it up to scratch.

    Anyway, hands up who is going to have their own servant in about 6 weeks...........come on S_S reveal all !!!!
  4. Erm, no actually - Mrs SS is not keen...... Even if I did employ an Amah, I'd pay her wages, food, flight home on leave, insurance etc, etc, etc - not you or any other tax payer......

    As I say - it's always been the way for the 'Brass' and so is indeed a bit of an non-story.
  5. Well if Mrs S_S isn't keen, send the Amah round my gaff, especially if she has big babylons and removable teeth. I could do with a gumming before I get up every day.
  6. and remember, Kevan Jones MP has just voted in favour of preventing the Freedom of Information Act from applying to MPs - preventing us from looking into his considerable expenses!! What a hypocrite.
  7. Has someone got his email addy, as I can't be arsed to look for it. I think I might drop the tw@t a line.
  8. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    I seem to recall a thread some weeks ago which pointed out that it cost over half a million squids to keep Chequers each year, and that is just a weekend retreat!!!!!!!! IIRC the bill included many servicemen and women who worked at ther building.

    If a close look was taken at what is spent on the pollies and how much it costs to keep them in the luxury they have come to expect I wonder what spin they would put on that. Especially 2 jags, 3 shags and many Grace n Favour houses Prescott.
  9. non story

    complete leftish sh*t.

    never heard of this kevan jones but he does indeed sound like a total c*nt
  10. Keevan Jones...people in glass houses...
  11. You can contact him here
  12. A complete non-story.

    The idiot cannot tell the difference between 'house' and 'official residence'.

    The MoD's spending on this will be as nothing to the rest of central government's spending of equivalent services to ministers and on grace and favour houses.

    This government's spending on 'special advisers' (ie political advisors paid for out of the public purse) plus MP's expenses is a far more newsworthy story.
  13. I ran the Household for commander 7th armoured brigade and was glad of the experience it gave me. If the military are to attract the right kind of people for it's top jobs then they must be afforded certain privileges. If some of these generals had not joined the chance is they would still have staffed houses because that is how those type of people live. Everyone has a go at officers but I have seen officers with the organisation and intelligence we can only wish for and they were well worth their money. (Jorrocks please note, I'm sorry but you were not one of them :wink: ) As already stated another "non story" How about supporting our armed services instead of picking holes. :D
  14. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    What a crock of sh1t this story is
    General Sir R Dannatt :- Costs £144,858
    Kevan Jones MP Allowances 2005/2006 £144,246 including staff wages of £83,349
    Not alot of difference in money but thats where it ends

    Dannatt MC serving his country since 1971 so has put with a few hardships and I assume some of the sh1tty accomodation along the way

    Jones MP entered parliment in 2001 and since then has trousered £625,251 in allowances

    Now I'm sure I have my own opinions but I would say we have probably had better value for money from Sir Richard Dannatt and the rest of the senior officers over the years than we are getting from Mr Jones and his ilk.

    Although of course Mr Jones can and has found a way to prevent us finding out what he will claim next year.

    Some of the people they have used for quotes in this article strike me as jumping on the band wagon

    Reg Keys:
    My son was not given a battery or a £ 1,50 distress flare so he was not able to signal for help when he was attacked
    Yet MOD seems to find money to allow the top brass to mow there lawns and water the plants

    Sad though the loss of your boy is he needed alot more than a flare and getting rid of Dannatts gardener is not going to change what happened or enable British forces to get more kit.

    Patrick Mercer:
    Soldiers are being misemployed shaking out napkins ands polishing cutlery when they should be with their units pradctising firing mortar bombs and going out on Ops

    Did you never have any staff Mr Mercer? (£133,388 allowances 2005/06)
    Did you never have dining in nights in the mess when the lads where employed as waiters
    I know I did enough duty drivers running drunk officers and there wives home at 03 00
    Did you never have a driver?

    Stuff and nonsence all of it they are getting no more than any other head of a large organisation and a lot less than MP's
    Why are they charged rent though?
    Are the houses for top Military officers not grace and favour like MP's?
    Mr Mr Jones and his gang should spend more time investigating their own crowd for a while
  15. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    IIRC they used to run RAF Catering staff and stewards from RAF Halton to Chequers I'm sure one of the girls was married to a Reg Lad but she only worked at Chequers not for the RAF for the duration of her tour