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Troops in position!



Great, so the Capital is protected.
what about the rest of the UK airports, docks and railway stations  places of mass crowding etc,

we can't be everywhere but terrorist can be anywhere


The Heathrow security was an Op "something" years ago, and the Guards and HCR did it quite regularly, why all the fuss now?


We used to cover for HCR, great fun storming up M4 in CVR(T).

But as a Lady in Barnes pointed out why shoot from the perimeter when there are plenty of good sites all over London to bring a plane down.

Also agree with ex-dvr what about all the other Airports.  My view is that is is all window dressing.
Meanwhile, here in the Rebel Base, the centre of all things Islamic, not a sign of troops, or a phone call to say, get your kit on, you're patrolling the airport, railway or motorway links, because after all, one terrorist action here will shut down half the country, not just one bloody airport.

It's always London... You'd think there was no other part of the country.


well in london the sun revolves round it whereas outside of london according to the map is unknown "here be dragons" place :p ...........not
Eagle, The troops have been in position over here for a wee while now - "we haven't gone away you know!"  If ever there was a regime needed change it's the fcuk-up of an excuse for government currently (not) sitting in stormont.  Just waiting for your nod......... ;)

"Window dressing"? Surely you not suggesting that our Dear Leader would do something so insincere? Heaven forbid.  ::)


I for one think London is the perfect place to carry out an attack. The sun really does go round it, and lets face it if you set yourself up to be the biggest,  then the more people think your full of sh*t .
Personally if i was the mayor I would set up some congestion charging points around the airfield and catch the terrorists that way, surely they must have to sit for awhile before firing, some sneaky traffic warden could creep up on them and issue a ticket, way before the guards and some clapped out Scimitar roars up to them.


Gas, gas, Gas,

I could not possibly comment.

However, now that 30 CVR(T), 450 troops and 1500 police have apprehended one man with a hand grenade in his hold luggage (??????).  we can be sure that Blair and co will be only too pleased to point out that they have made it safe  for us to cross the road (as all good chickens or is it lambs should).

Lucky they were there!!!!!!

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