Troops in combat type vid

brilliant vid, made me cry :cry: Brings back memories of when I was out there and of all the innocent lives that were wasted for the sake of a stupid w@nker called BLAIR. SEND IT TO HIM AND LET HIM WEEP! MURDERER!

I'd not seen this before..

Post this on to everyone you know....

.. people need to know. The guys and girls out there are only remembered by the media, when there are casualties... but this is going on regularly out there..

brilliant and moving
Well done to the chappy who did that at BrownBiscuits. As Miss Whiplass said, would it be worthwhile sending it on to the warmongers in the cabinet?

Excellent video, I agree with Auld Yin that it's sad it was made

RIP fella
Bloody hell!!

Wondered what was happening to my website after I had a months worth of bandwidth raped in just a few days... found the link to the vid on here and it all made sense...

Any chance of someone from ARRSE uploading to their server for people to download? is only a little site and its killing me having folk download the vid...

Polar69.. I think we need an interview without coffee mate.


PS. I've had to disable the link from this site at the mo... while my website has a shower and tries to get rid of the feeling of being used and abused... but if someone wants to contact me I'll give 'em the link to the vid (and another cracker on a similar vain) for them to download and then upload to here.
a very touching video, well made, really highlites the dangers faced, should be made available to a wider audience to really put across what our forces are facing out there, the PM may be happy to stand in the shadow of bush and claim that iraq is a country on the rebuild, but this video shows the everyday dangers that are still a major risk to the troops having to work the ground.

R.I.P to a brave soldier.

One of the lads reckons he knows of a site that allows free video hosting. I'm waiting on the details, but assuming its gen, I'll upload the vids to there and then post the links on ARRSE and biscuitsbrown for everyone...


JT ;-)