Troops homes targeted!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Baldrick66, Oct 23, 2007.

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  1. Find them, beat them and send them to do mine clearance around KAF. Scrotes like that need ended asp.
  2. Why do we bother?
    Queue here to stab our forces in the back:
  3. This made me remember the urban myth, from the 1970's, about the Chinese burglar who tried to rob an MQ in what was then the tallest MQ block of flats in the world - Rosemary Towers in Hong Kong. I think it was 30/40 stories high? The burglar ending as a "lump of strawberry jam".

    Said chinese burglar got an impromptu flying lesson, from the 20-something floor, after being caught in the act by a very disgruntled Tom who had just arrived home from work.

    Apparently the RHKP Inspector wrote it off as self-defence. But I never did hear of any MQ's being burgled after that. :D

    Pity something similar can't be done to these swine.
  4. If found, the chavy pieces of scum want hanging from a tree by their nuts and some fcuking sense knocked into them with a pick helve! :threaten:

    These words were trumpeted by the future President of a United States of Europe, currently known as the European Soviet Union.

    When the dishonest bastard is made President of EurineLand, will HM The Queen have to curtsey to 'Cherry' Bliar ?
  6. Seems like there's alot to be said for living on camp afterall. Chavscum! :x

    Can I be the first to suggest using them for target practice?
  7. The only two of those groups who have my respect are the Taliban & Insurgents. Isn't it ironic that we're not allowed to kill the other two?
  8. Mine clearance instead of community service is the way forward. We should sentance this scum to clearing minefields of the Govt choosing. The Scrotes would receive proper training and would serve their time making the world a safer place and learning teamwork and real life skills to boot. Bloody good idea Vino.
  9. Oh but you must remember their human rights... :roll:
  10. Bomb detonation would work just as well.
    :) :) :)
  11. Not a real surprise with the inbred pointy headed shite hole that is Shipton Bellinger, sadly.

    The entire population is made up of squaddies and 17 fingered sister impregnators.
  12. (my bold)

    Whilst I'm not disputing that there's truth in this,I always get a slight 'cold shiver' when I read this,as it sounds very 'Germany 1918'. Nothing personal still21inmymind, just an observation.
  13. Sorry if I upset or offended, it is merely a reference to the fact that all those listed view our serving soldiers as fair game. Only the scrotes however, need the absence on duty of the forces to operate.

    I'm glad I no longer serve, because when I deployed on ops (usually NI in them days) at least I knew my MQ and family were in a safe environment. The toerags who did this will no doubt be treated by the system as 'mischievous scamps', despite behaving like fifth columnists.
  14. None taken! & agree broadly with the sentiment,it was just a historical reference (I learned it from a boook)