Troops grill Rumsfeld over Iraq

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by babiesarm, Dec 8, 2004.

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  1. Wonder if TCH would ever answer questions from the troops??

    "Why do we soldiers have to dig through local landfills for pieces of scrap metal and compromised ballistic glass to uparmour our vehicles?" Army Spc Thomas Wilson asked.

    "You go to war with the army you have," Mr Rumsfeld replied, saying vehicle armour manufacturers were being exhorted to crank up production.

    Mr Rumsfeld added that vehicle armour might not provide total protection from the perils faced by soldiers in Iraq - such as roadside bombs.

    "You can have all the armour in the world on a tank and it can [still] be blown up," Mr Rumsfeld said.
  2. "His questions brought cheers from the 2000 troops present"

    ...and a really big nasty stare from his LTC


    Well I guess Specialist Wilson is the star of the extras list by now

    I'm amazed, I thought the policy with US troops and VIP's was Shut your mouth, listen politely, cheer enthusiastically?

    Wonder if the SecDef will herein be known as TCR? :D
  3. Mr Rumsfeld paused, before asking him to repeat the question, AP news agency reported.

    Spc Wilson did so, adding, "we do not have proper armoured vehicles to carry with us".

    Er......Spc Wilson.....stop carrying your armour...try climbing into it. duh. 8O
  4. An honest answer from Rumsfelt could be supplied "You go to war with the army you have rather than the army you would like" as Dubya has four more years in the bag.

    If some of our guys direct such searching questions at TCH then his sphincter may twitch slightly more, as we have a few months of headlines before the likely date of the next election! :twisted:
  5. Hmm TCH was in Basra today (alas he also left basra up right). Apparently he met the troops but if you look at the picture in the BBC he is surrunded by troops from Div who provide force protection They have been in theatre about 2 weeks now. Heaven forbid he was exposed to the Black Watch booties or the battle groups who have been patrolling the AOs here for a couple of months.

    I reckon by comparison old Donald would have got it easy. So TCH just why are you cutting troops when we need them more than ever. I think he would have got a similar receptin to the one he get (although MOD denied) from the SAS
  6. This was covered a few minutes ago on CNN. Their piece included SPC Wilson's question (not very audible), and Rummy's answer about "no discrimination in equipment between regular army, guard and reserve." Omitting the great cheer which went up from the troops which I heard on BBC R4. If this was how it was shown on CNN, I hate to think how it was covered on Fox.
  7. Saw that as well Hackle, it was a big cheer, and it has been cut.

    I expect Fcuxx have "disappeared" him by now :evil:
  8. OK, fuller report from New York Times (registration required). "Hillbilly armor" - I like it. Story does mention the cheers. Interesting that, towards the end of the story, there are off-message but honest remarks from a full Col who is the staff judge advocate for the 278th combat team.

  9. I have to say I am impressed with the spams over this one. Spc Wilson got the support of not just of a full Col in his Regimental Combat Team, but also of a 2-star back in Tennessee:


    NB no-one has mutinied, no-one has done anything worse than telling the truth and challenging the spin. Senior officers are prepared to speak up for their men, how bad is that. Good luck to All Ranks of the 278th in Iraq, IMO they have already proved they have one kind of courage.
  10. Couple of questions out of left field there Tom

    I especially like the Padre's question - "Disneyland" :lol: , Over here, we use the phrase "Mickey Mouse"

    Nice to see US troops can get a sly one in there too . :wink:
  11. PTP we too use the term mickey mouse for a variety of situations make work or BS.

    The thing that irritated me about the SECDEF's response was that it was lame. I saw the full question and answer and not just the bits played on TV.
    It is a topic that shouldnt have to come up for OIF 3. Everyone knows that trucks/Humvee need to be uparmored. This is a point that seemed to have escaped the Secretary. Units to Iraq are already leaving behind 50% of their MBT's and Bradley's in the States, a decision I dont favor at all. Units need to deploy to Iraq with all of their equipment. In theater they dont need to use the equipment if its not needed but at least its available.
  12. Rumsfeld said ""Hell, I'm an old man, it's early in the morning and I'm gathering my thoughts here."

    aka 'arrse. I knew this was bad idea'

    For f###s sake.

    Anyone know what Hoon was asked out in Basrah? I would dearly love to know - please enlighten us all if you know
  13. I read an article in the Scotsman about his visit with the BW and they asked him about the regiment's status. From the account anyway he seemed non committal about the regiment's status.