Troops fury at shortages.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by loopallu, Apr 15, 2007.

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  1. This is on the front page of the Sunday Post

    Troops’ fury at shortages

    Link added , post edited for copyright issues. PTP
  2. Where do you buy a pizza in Basra? (Serious question)
  3. Any links?
  4. They had a Pizza Hut at Shaibah. They even delivered under rocket attack! Thats dedication.
  5. العلي البيتزا المطبخ
  6. This is the front page story in the paper today.
  7. Type Sunday Post into google and click on the 3rd entry.

    You bone-idle numpty.
  8. So the CQMS forgot to order late meals for the incoming patrols!? SOP for such situations used to be the patrol commander making egg banjos for his patrol or a trip to the Char Wallah (and the CSM having a quiet 'word' with the CQMS to ensure it didn't happen again). Sad state of affairs.

  9. Thanks for that whitecity. Now, any ideas on getting coffee off a laptop keyboard???

    :clap: :D :clap:
  10. use a cloth !
  11. I normally leave those sort of household chores to the staff. :D
  12. Blairs legacy combat service support sponsored
    by Pizza Hut :x
  13. Yep only four people have been arssed to send in a defect report reference boots.

    Now this is how the procurement process works - no reports on file = kit fine - therefore no problems.

    Get writing reports when your chin-strapped or under fire (joke) then some one sat in Bath who has taken 2000 phones calls ref kit but only 4 letters can't quote from statistics......

    Hang on, yes they will - Only 10% of personnel have complained (winging bast*ards) therefore statistically 90% are happy with the kit they have been issued.

    Cynical moi?
  14. loopallu

    Thanks for the link.
  15. When I was in the QMs staff carried out all fault reporting, we just handed the kit in and they sorted it out. Have things changed so much?