Troops free Canadian, British hostages in Iraq

Seems it didn't go noisy and the bad guys weren't present at the time

Kember apparently stated if he was kidnapped he didn't want a military rescue! If I was that sure I was going to get lifted I'd probably stay UK side and collect my pension.

Bet he's glad they did rescue him, I doubt he turned down the offer when they kicked the door in

Fortunately Andy Mcnab (introduced as former SAS officer) is going to be on the ITN news to give us the pucker gen dit on the whole affair.

thegimp said:
Kember apparently stated if he was kidnapped he didn't want a military rescue!
People have put their lives at risk to save this pathetic piece of sh*t, if thats his attitude give him back to the terrorist scum. Hope the knob dies of a heart attack on the way back to the UK.
They should remove the ungrateful fart 's passport from him.

A hazard to themselves and others.
Leave the ungratefull shi'ite to rot - you just watch he'll be on the telly soon telling us how he wouldn't have had to be there if the war hadn't started etc etc......

One word against any of the troops out there and go round myself and slot him....................
Whinging streak of crap would probably have applauded had one of his rescuers been killed or injured. A load of rancid recycled curry sprayed up it's front door may give it a clue as to how those tasked with the welfare of morons like him feel about the futility of the excercise.
should have left him there, i agree that he will say his shit about not being there if we didnt invade, i bet he thanks the troops though sayiong they were the best etc etc two face c*nt

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