Troops Cleared Over Drowning Allegations

Justice done, I feel sorry for the guys with the amount of time they have had to wait to be cleared. I hope they do not feel too let down by the system and stag on.
Chuffed to for Carle and the others.

Another reason to have a beer tonight.
Good news.

When will the CPS or whoever it is now stop trying to pin trumped up charges on people doing a good job in a pi55 poor situation and get on with prosecuting the people they should, wont be long though beofre so loony left tree hugging type is calling for any more cases to be brought before and "independant tribunal" can't be letting squaddies get away with murder and whitewashing the subsequent "Trial" now can we.

All the best lads

Good news and best wishes to all of the lads involved, now that this isn't hanging over them.

Would anyone like to comment to the cost of these "show" trials?
No because I don't know it - and best wishes to the cleared - but does anyone want to lay a bet on how long it'll be before someone drags out the line that a court martial was bound to find them innocent (and therefore somehow tainted) because it was the Army judging the Army...?
Yet again another trial falls around the CPS ears because yet again they rely on people that are only after money! What cracked me up was that self satified cnut of an officer banging about how the Army is seen to do the right thing. The right thing would be for the Army to tell everyone to fukc off! It seems to me that the Army and by that I mean the senior officers are more concerned with the tree huggers and what they think than they are with the welfare of their soldiers. After 34 years in the Army man and boy it saddens me.
green_slime said:
Justice done, I feel sorry for the guys with the amount of time they have had to wait to be cleared. I hope they do not feel too let down by the system and stag on.
I'm very please these lads were cleared I'm reading "Dusty Warriors" I think the British public should be made to read the things the British Army are sent to do then to be threatened with criminal charges when most of the time it's a case of Iraquis trying to get money.
Here here. The trouble is their careers WILL have been affected - what if they were due promotion? Are they going to get it and have it backdated with pay? Bets being laid now.........
The lads had this hanging over them for 3 years... 3 fecking years... Justice delayed is justice failed as the saying goes. How about a few counter cases against the CPS for wrongful arrest. The military justice system has been seriously overhauled in order to comply with Human Rights legislation at the behest of those who are now trying to further undermine it!
It is clear to anyone with an iota of common sense that these prosecutions are not being brought on the basis of proper evidence but are purely politically driven. One thing is clear, the witch hunt against soldiers will continue until they can stitch someone up and get the "Guilty" result they want. The CPS should be arrested for perverting the course of justice with their fecking show trials!

Well done to the lads who were aquitted! Shame on the Chain of Command for being craven in allowing this travesty to continue (In the AG's case he should resign for that disgraceful memo) They are men without honour!
Just to show how much the MOD cares for its troops:

The MoD said its thoughts were with Mr Khareem’s family “at this very difficult time”.

No mention of the 3 years of hell the soldiers have been through then??????
From the Times:

Cheers erupted in court as the men were found not guilty. Jerry Hayes, counsel for Guardsman McGing, said after the case: “If ever there was a trial that should have been strangled at birth, it was this one. Three brave, decent young soldiers who sacrificed everything to free a ravaged people were hung out to dry. I sincerely hope the Attorney General reviews all pending cases to ensure that no British soldier is brought to trial on the flimsiest evidence.

The only substantial evidence against these men was the word of a self-confessed looter.”

There were tears as Guardsman McCleary shook the hand of Lieutenant-Colonel Michael O’Dwyer, commanding officer of the Irish Guards.

Guardsman McCleary said: “Justice was served. I am just glad it’s all over. It’s been heartbreaking. I haven’t been able to lead my life.”

He embraced Guardsman McGing, who left it to his fiancee, Kerry Hensman, to comment. Miss Hensman, 21, said: “It’s brilliant. It’s been terrible for the last three years. I never had any doubt about his innocence.”

Fadi Dauod, solicitor for Guardsman McGing, described it as “an ill-conceived case which should never have been prosecuted”.

He added: “The outcome is a complete vindication of a fine young man who has served his country admirably in a difficult environment without any proper training.”

Last night Haidar Mussawi, a leading Iraqi National Congress official, said: “The message people get from this is there is no respect for the lives of the Iraqi people.”

Unlike the respect your fellow citizens have for each others lives then Mr Mussawi?
Unfortunately this result will just confirm to those who wish to destroy the military justice system that their view is correct.

I am glad they guys got the result they obviously deserved, but rest assured the battle to get some soldiers sent down will continue.

For some elements in Britain this is just part of the anti-Iraq war campaign. They are desperate to prove that all soldiers in Iraq are war criminals.
Agreed, no soldier should co-operate with any investigation unless they have a civvy brief present. To do otherwise runs the risk of giving the enemy (CPS, CoC, MOD, Government) ammunition.
Come on guys - you've got to see that if this incident had come to light via the scum rather than through the judicial process it would have looked a lot worse for the army? At the end of a day a young lad died in dubious circumstances (it's not like he caught a round whilst in a scrap) and the army can't be seen to be above the law. For there to be justice an investigation had to be carried out, which takes time, witnesses and [spits] lawyers.

That said, it's a subversion of the rule of law that they have been forced to wait so bloody long.

Irrespective, congratulations to the lads!!
There is no easy answer as Handbags has alluded to.

We have to face the fact that for some there will never be any justice until every single allegation made against the British Army results in at leats one soldier being sent to prison. Anything less is proof that the military justice system is failing.

This is a political war and the forces are right in the middle and will be condemed by all as it suits their purpose that day.
Handbags, if these cases were happening in civvy street, the CPS wouldn't prosecute because of lack of reliable evidence this in itself is clear evidence of political motives. Are people saying that a lower evidence threshold should be used against soldiers? Obviously those who are screaming about equality in law don't really mean equality, what they are saying is we must find SOMEONE guilty irrespective of the evidence.
To put things in context, a lot of people are dying in very dubious circumstances in Iraq, it isn't too difficult for someone with an axe to grind against the army to make a statement. Under the current circumstances we are assumed to be guilty. Even when cleared we are still accused of being guilty. The very fact that allegations are made is spread across the world and the truth doesn't matter. These false accustaions are a weapon of war, just like the roadside bomb and the snipers bullet and our CoC is too craven to speak out against this situation. They are moral cowards who are unfit for command in the finest and most restrained army in the world.

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