Troops Christmas Lunch

Ii have just been out on my firms Christmas lunch, i was trying to tell a colleague about the traditional troops lunch served by the officers, he couldn't quite get his head round the idea, and found the food fight appalling.

i was telling him about the troops lunch at the Depot, when the Provo Sgt marched in and said the next person to throw.......when a tangerine hit him in the face, top shot, poor old Trev marched off to the nick

had some cracking Christmas lunches didn't eat much though
Did you have bef? Was it tasty?
Ah yes, the Troops´ Christmas lunch - when the soldiers get to throw food at each other and the officers get to piss in the beer and gob in the gravy. Happy days.
Orifices wouldn't dream of doing such a thing would they?
No more than they would piss in the sink in their room after a big Dinner Night; and that simply doesn't happen ......................... EVER.
In 5 AB we had to decorate the tables with something or other and the Brig. used to come around and judge it and the winners got a crate of something. Our table was empty one year and everyone started giving us of the blokes whistled and out came the stripper to dance on the table......we won.

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