Troops at the Bank of England

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by WhiteHorse, May 30, 2006.

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  1. According to the link below
    up until 1973. Was anyone on here part of those troops? I've been inside The Old Lady a couple of times but I didnt know how big she was! Mind you I wouldnt mind one ton of gold let alone 400 :wink:
    As safe as the Bank Of England
  2. I've got a crowbar and balaclava, anyone up for breaking in tomorrow?
  3. Hmm, if we can find one of the toms from the 70's he might know the layout and make it a quick in and out job. Hang on I've got a plan... all we need is 3 minis a land rover and a coach...
  4. I know some that did it, and were a bit mischievous at times to relieve boredom.

    There is a well-known painting of the Bank Picquet returning along the embankment.

    The picquet was established after some riot or other, and was made up of something like an officer, drummer, serjeant, old soldier and about 10 others?. Each was tipped by the Bank with a bright shiny coin (not sure of the denomination(s)).

    The film "The day they robbed the Bank of England" was based on the picquet being nobbled. PeterO'Toole as the officer being fooled by an IRA & Spam team
  5. The Central Line runs right under the Old Lady, How about we all get some metronet overalls and start to dig our way in!!
  6. I'll give it a miss. Too much effort just to come out with handfuls of Gordon Brown's IOUs.
  7. Plan might be flawed, 400 ton's might be too much for 3 69' mini coopers, how much can a Drops carry?
  8. Also, don't forget, you only need to blow the bloody doors off.

    (I'll get my coat...)
  9. Its rather unsporting to steal ones countrys own gold I say we all go to Switzerland and steal all their stolen nazi stolen gold.
  10. I think it's 18T but don't quote me. So that means at least 25 vehicles. Where are we going to find 25 serviceable DROPS vehicles?

  11. Well, this will take 380 tons:


    Quite a bargain for the Congestion Charge...
  12. Another benefit to that...thing. What sane copper would try to pull it over?
  13. Ill be sceptical if you could fit that onto the M25 let along a london street. Altho drive it down downing street and a few other places taking out buildings might be a good detour in itself...
  14. Blimey thats another 25 to get paid, ok £5 billion split between, say 40 is around £125 mil each, whos in?
  15. cut me in...... and i wont tell.....