Troops arrested in Basra

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by thickienongrad, Sep 19, 2005.

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  1. sky is running some scary footage! I hope the guy who jumped out of the turret got away safely.
  2. Follows yesterday's arrest of a prominent "Al-Mahdi Army" figure. Coalition press release about the arrest:

    Source : CPIC via several agencies
  3. As a random thought - it occurred to me that the 2 guys are still alive - unlike the 2 Sigs Cpls grabbed in Belfast. A new Iraqi civilisation may yet have a chance.

    Hope they come through it in good nick, local filth may not take kindly to being fired on.
  4. Hope they didnt have relatives in Camp Breadbasket!
  5. The image of those blokes trying to escape from the burning warrior, whilst the mob tries to snatch them sums it up. Thanks to all those armchair lawyers and tree hugging cnuts that want to see our blokes in the dock for war crimes, soldiers are now afraid of making a decison regarding opening fire. Lethal decisons often need to be made in a split second in order to protect the life of a comrade. I watched that footage in horror and fully expected to hear 5.56mm going down, did it? did it fcuk and I'll bet that was down to a moment of indecision by an individual soldier. The guys appear to have escaped, so many tut and argue against my point, however, what if the mob had got hold of them -what do you reckon of the consequences...........................
  6. Spot on mate. Better to be tried by twelve than carried by six.

    I dare say petrol bombs being thrown, together with rocks bottles and poles, then attempts to grab the men is a threat to life.

    the next tosser who went to throw a petrol bomb should get a 5.56mm re-education or a gentle flurry from the chain gun may assist.
  7. I felt sick watching it too. Are we sure they got wasn't clear. I agree there should have been some support. More people will die as a result of these soldiers being restricted in decisions they can make. Poor guys
  8. From what I saw, which I assume is the same as everyone else, the commander seemed to get a rock to the head before he got off the back decks. The responce by the rag head as he jumped off did not look pretty to me! I don't think the odds look great but I'm sure we will find out soon enough!

    The place is out of control. Leave them to it, let them find an Arab solution!
  9. Tony Bliar has no shame - just a coward pushing his pawns around on a chess board. How dare he look a British soldier in the eye again. Cnut.
  10. I'll be glued to the news this evening with a horrible feeling in my stomach. I pity any of their family and friends who may be watching it too and don't know the outcome. Mob violence is scary
  11. Having looked at the footage again, I'm going to go out on a limb here. Towards the end of the footage, you can just about see what looks like a base line of troops with shields and a couple of snatch wagons. Not sure if it is all in sequence or what the time line is between the comd jumping out and the end of the film but one hopes its damn close. Fingers crossed.

    Time to leave them to it I think. Well done Bliar. Cnut.
  12. Right.

    Speculation on the fate of the crew needs to stop now. MoD will issue a statement in due course no doubt, and I also have no doubt , and hope fervently that if it looks far worse than it is , then someone on the ground will relay that information back to this forum, as has been the case in the past.

    Please stop speculating on what has happened , I have no doubt that family and others of the Regiment involved, will be screaming all over the net trying to get information. Please do not say anything to increase that anxiety.

  13. Absolutely right. apologies to all.