Troops argue Iraq is unwinnable BBC 23/08/07

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ukdaytona, Aug 29, 2007.

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  1. This may of already been discussed.....

    A belief that Iraq is unwinnable, fears that Afghanistan could go the same way and an overwhelming feeling that the government has not looked after the Armed Forces properly in return for the sacrifices they make.

    That is what emerges from the answers given by hundreds of servicemen and women in response to the online questionnaire we posted here a few weeks ago. We received nearly 2,000 replies to a set of questions about life in the forces. .......

    This is the BBC Have Your Say Website discussion on the above and supporting Our Troops..... some interesting comments (Topic is now closed)
  2. How did they validate who responded to the questionnaire? Unless they requested something like personal number, I can’t see how they know for sure who’s answering their questions!
  3. No idea but the HYS comments are certainly interesting reading.....
  4. How many comments could I make under different names before the Beeb twigs. Perhaps other peoploe have tried it out
  5. Was talking to a Captain in uniform today...while he was buying some goodies to take with him to either Iraq or Afghanistan...

    As we departed I said "good luck"...he replied..."we need it!!!...and then said "our biggest problem is the UK Government"......

    As I walked away..I was thinking...bring back "Maggie Thatcher".....
  6. You and me both mate!

    (Not the sailor bit btw 8O )
  7. What a top idea!

    A senile nonagerian, just what we need Boris.

    Remember think, then write.
  8. CF begins chant... Maggie, Maggie, Maggie!

  9. As a very young school boy I can still remember the "Maria Hertogh Riots" Singapore 1950.... :lol: :lol: :lol:
  10. Was out on Monday getting wazzed in London with old school mate plus wives. Apart from the usual "boy talk", the general conversation was what you'd read on ARRSE; what's wrong with the country, what's needed to put it right etc. The solution could be summed up in 2 words used by Boris7: "Maggie Thatcher".

    She wouldn't have stood for any of this fukin' PC nonsense. Shami Where's-ma-baccy and her like would have been on the first boat out. If the lawyers started letting murderers, kiddy-fiddlers and rapists out of nick early, she'd stick these lawyers back inside just to make up the numbers. And God help those who fuked about with Her Majesty's Armed Forces, they would have felt the full force of her handbag.
  11. The comments are indeed interesting:

    There's an argument for the draft to be re-introduced and applied on a means-tested basis, with the children of the rich made to serve first, on the grounds that they have more to lose and therefore more to fight for.

    A U.S Congressman regularly puts this argument, to howls of outrage, or embarrassed silence, from his Congressional colleagues, who constantly vote for wars whilst arranging, simultaneously, for their children not to fight them. I've yet to hear a UK politician make the point. But they're up to the same tricks.

  12. I know of one millionaire who was so incensed at 9/11 He ditched His illustrious and well paid career and joined the US Rangers. He then got topped by His own blokes in a Blue on Blue.

    Many members of the aristocracy have and do serve - probably the same proportion as middle and working class chaps and chappesses. I am minded of one of our pilots who, when warned for a duty by the RSM, said that He had a prior family engagement. As the RSM started into His apoplexy act the piot pulled out a letter from HM and asked if He should tell Her Madge that He couldn't make it.
  13. Fair enough. The military loyalty oath is still (outrageously) made to the Queen as opposed to Parliament so I'd expect the British hereditary ruling class to enrol at least some of their sprogs - perhaps those too stupid even to go into the City - in the forces. Good for them. It's the others I'm thinking of. The children of New Money if you like. If Job Seekers’ Allowance can be means-tested then so can their draft papers.
  14. Norfolknchance wrote:

    Trouble is, whether what she did needed to be done or not, she polarized things so much. The PC stuff got rooted in the early 80s partly under the umbrella of that polarization. A lot of the people who spent the 80s throwing rocks at plod would otherwise have ended up in HM forces. I knew a lot of animal lib types who under other circumstances would have made stellar shady types for example.

    What's wanted (by me anyway) is a Mrs T who isn't just about "middle england" but the whole nation.