Troops accused of embezaling Training Funds

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I can just see them at Colie:

"Name, rank, number and sentance!"

"I'm sorry, sir, I cannot answer that question."
Oh dear - stockings.....jail bait.... I need restrained.

Think they would help? :D

Edited to add, Rickshaw - is your post not going a little off thread?! I'll agree it is a lot more interesting anyway. :D
rickshaw-major said:
An interesting article

But check this link from the story -this does not bode well for ARRSERS :twisted:
"The girls have to get through several rounds of the Challenge," chimes in Amara Karan, who plays a girl called Peaches. "And one of the things they do is to have sex with the Eton boys in the toilets beforehand! To try and put them off. That sounds racy, I know, but it's not as bad it seems."

The school differs from its previous incarnations in a number of ways. "There is alcohol and references to smoking pot - we even spoke about having a baby in one of the dorms," says Karan. "Although there's no swearing, because in spite of what I've just said, this will remain a family film."
Good to see the film industry creating a positive influence for the nations youth! :roll:
Apparently Brunei test phase was supposed to be rest time in hotels etc however training staff made them sleep out in the jungle a pocket the cash!

To add insult to injury they also had to pay a "Boathouse Paint" fund prior to being badged.


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I say, they might be rather good at this fighting lark and all that, but maybe part of selection should include a 'false accounting' part.

After all, they are trained to be the BEST!
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