"Troops abused in Westminster parade" - Mike Penning MP

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ABrighter2006, Jul 27, 2008.

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  1. Had a quick look and couldn't find reference to this elsewhere - if, it's been done - apologies. MODs, please move /delete.

    Good for Mike Penning to speak out in support - shouldn't our part-time SoS Defence be similarly vocal? Or, has he been too busy in Scotland this last week?

    MP hits out at treatment of veterans

  2. Why not just offer the people that called them cowards some space on the next transport out to berate servicemen on the front-line?

    They could either do that or choose to go and negotiate with the Op-For. Up to them. I doubt they would flinch as they are obviously braver than the people they call cowards.
  3. A part of me says, no harm done, soldiers can look after themselves.

    No doubt if it was a different group marching, like the Coppers protest march, or some political/social/racial type protest there would be more Coppers present

    I'd hate to see a Forces parade end up looking like the Olympic flame relay

    Feck em, but fair shout for an MP voicing an opinion (Theoretically what he's paid for....)

    Why do I scratch my head when I hear serving soldiers described as vetrans :?:
  4. You have been Yankyfied. Veteran used to mean seasoned soldiers from battle. They would still be serving. An example would be Napoleon's Old Guard. They where all veterans and still serving.

    WRT Wellington. He had some "veterans" at Waterloo but some where untested troops.

    VETERAN has more than 1 meaning (now).
  5. Good on the lads for maintaining discipline and not sticking one on the unwashed 'peace' protesters. Has anyone checked whether they are on 'jobseekers allowance'? Damn difficult to seek work when sitting on the grass (and probably on grass) outside Parliament.

    By all means protest, but do so quietly and positively, not by hurling abuse at servicemen - oh, and do so using your own funds, don't expect me to fund your 'alternative lifestyle'.
  6. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    I remember when my brother was based at Faslane,one night a group of pished up sailors or booties (cant remember which) on returning from a night in Helensburgh,decided to go home thru the Faslane CND Peace camp.Apparently the woke everyone there up as they were so,er noisy.....
  7. Round 'em up, put 'em on a bus, and drive them down to OPTAG to use as CIVPOP, where they can vent their anger - and then get their just rewards!!!
  8. I suppose we have to grin and bear it - the demands of 'free speech' and all that, especially at Westminster. The real shame is that these protesters show no desire to aquaint themselves with any facts before they shriek down their megaphones.

    It's obvious to point out here that if they had disrupted an official event in Iran or Saudi Arabia, or indeed Saddam's Iraq or the Taliban's delightful Pakistani / Afghani model state, they would have been banged up, thrashed and chained to a radiator for a few weeks.

    But the irony of that is lost on them.
  9. Thing is, and this is what troubles me....The armed forces do not make policy foreign policy, so why attack service men and women?

    These protesters are utter filth, I mean, I think its great they have convictions, but how misguided are they? how stupid must they be? It is exactly these service man and women that have done and will fight for our freedoms, yes their very freedom to protest stems from the actions of those that serve.
  10. Bad Met Police - This could have been avoided and should have been. The last thing we want to do is put soldiers in a position where they feel like lamping someone live on a parade for all eyes to se.
  11. I would love to have smashed one of those cnuts in the face, a few good times!!
  12. That was quite a while ago. Comaccio Coy I think, which dates it a bit. The matelots just used to go in for a wet and a "smoke". :wink:
  13. Why is it that the law abiding majority of this country cannot demonstrate without permission within 1 mile of parliament, while the Great Unwashed can seem to do what they like without any repercussions!
  14. Didn't the chap who set up the peace camp used to be a marine? Brian Haw I seem to recall.