Trooping Viking crash Blackbushe 1st May 1957 Can you help.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by the avgasdinosaur, May 20, 2011.

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  1. Off to a cracker with your first post I see...

    How does that fit into a thread entitled: Current Affairs, News and Analysis - Politics, Current Affairs, Geo-Political Analysis?
  2. We could turn this into an RIP thread if that would help?

    Wikipedia identifies most of the pax as RAOC, who are RLC in today's language. So I suggest a mod moves this to the RLC forum?
  3. But surely it's about pants flying, so should be in the aviation forum?

    Perhaps Good CO could make a new forum entitled "RIP for the dead RLC involved in some sort of aviation related accident forum"?
  4. The desire to trace N.of K. is current. Sorry if I have offended. I was trying to help the team erecting a memorial.
    If the MODS think fit please move as appropriate.
    Be lucky
  5. How did you know my name is David?!!?

    That aside, good luck searching for any NoK.
  6. I'm certainly not offended, just surprised at your strategy. As an AVGAS dinosaur, you should understand this analagy. You're in a real hurry to get to X but your tank is low on fuel. When you pile into the first petrol station on route, do you just fill up at the first and/or most popular pump and expect it to be the right one? Or do you look around and find the right one that will ensure you get to your destination most efficiently? Just a thought.
  7. It's nice to see everyone being so helpful.

    If a significant number of casualties were RAOC then try the RLC Museum (a Google search would be faster than me trying to insert a linky thing) - they would be able to connect you to the RAOC Association.
  8. The casualties are listed on Page 7 of the Times, Friday 3 May 1957.

    The names given in the 3 May edition are as follows (some do not have the initials in the article) All details are as given in the Times, so can't say if there are any errors. I've cross-referenced with the veteran's UK site roll of honour, looking for those who died on 1 or 2 May 1957. In the brackets are the names given by the veterans' site, plus any additional info which might be of use in seeking out the NOK in association with the memorial). This info consists of their names, along with other info that may be of assistance)

    Capt P G Routledge, RAOC, of Purley, Surrey (Peter Gerald, buried Aldershot military cemetary)
    Lt Col J Mahoney. Regiment not given (recorded as Major Mahoney, General List. OBE, MC. Buried Aldershot military cemetary)
    Maj H L Lacey, RAPC, of Barton Stacey, Hants (not on roll of honour)
    Maj ROJ Fry, RAMC, of Gillingham, Kent (Richard Oswald James. Buried Aldershot military cemetary)
    Mr L Ricketts, a teacher, from Porchester, Hants
    Signalman Drew, Royal Corps of Signals from Hulme, Manchester(first name Brian)
    Pte I S Mayson, REME, from Luton (Veterans site gives his names as Stanley Ian Geoffrey)
    Craftsman EE James, REME, from Trimsaran, nr Kidwelly, Carmarthanshire (Evan Esmond)
    Craftsman King, REME, from Grimsby (Norman)
    Pte Meadows, REME, from Melling, Lancs (James William. Buried Aldershot military cemetary)
    Craftsman Nickels, REME, of Honiton, Devon (Victor Glyn)
    Signalman DA Rees, Royal Corps of Signals, from Dunvant, Swansea (David Alan)
    Signalman Hemken, Royal Corps of Signals, from Earley, Berkshire (Michael Charles Mortimer)
    Signalman Fatherly, Royal Corps of Signals, from Salisbury, Wilts (Gilbert Cyril William)
    Signalman Connier, Royal Corps of Signals, from London (Arthur Herbert)
    Trooper Tetley, RAC, from County Durham (Leonard James - Royal Scots Greys)
    Trooper James, Queen's Bays, from West Drayton (Alan - Veteran's site says he was Royal Scots Greys)
    Sgt Block, REME, from Skegness, Lincs (George Edward. Buried Aldershot military cemetary)
    Craftsman Judges, REME, from London (Terence Richard. Buried Bermandsy [sic])
    Sapper DC Hayward, RE, from Golcar, Huddersfield (David Colin)
    Cpl Luxon, RE, from Wolverhampton (Albert Derek)
    Sapper Mulligan, RE, from Sheffield (Peter)
    Sapper Hemsley, RE, from Brighton (Roy James)
    Sapper Sykes, RE, from Coventry (Alan Herbert)

    Also killed were Mr and Mrs SD Bartlett from Plymouth, along with their daughter, Patricia (age 10) and son Graham (age 3); Mr Bartlett was an Army civilian teacher.

    The crew who died were Capt EDM Jones, First Officer L Tunnington, Radio Officer Robertson, Air Stewardess Miss LM Lahey, Mr H Booth, route facilities officer. Tunnington was a Kiwi, and Miss Lahey was from New South Wales.

    Lt Robert Wilson Andrews, RA, of Cambridge, survived the crash, but died the following day, his death being reported in the Monday 6 May 1957 edition of the Times.

    And that's my random act of assistance for the day.

    There was one survivor, 2nd Lt E E Taylor, RE, who was from Ilkley.
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  9. What site told you to poke off? Pprune or the crash site?
  10. And Wiki identified most of the pax as RAOC?

    Nice to see the chalk commander survived though!
  11. Hi, im seriously sorry if this is wrong place, i wonder if anyone can help me. I have been searching for last few years for someone to help me find out info re my grandfathers plane crash on behalf of my dad. He was Major H L Lacey and he died aboard this flight and my dad was 10 years old at the time, he has never recovered and always refused to visit blackbush because all he could imagine was that was where his dad dies. Yesterday we saw on news that a memorial has just been unveiled some 54 years later, and i stumbled across this site on that info. Can anyone advise who i could contact to take my dad along to the memorial of his dad and others killed. I guess as NOK not all were traceable, well in our families case as we only heard bout it on news and sadly his wife, dads mum, died 14 years ago. Any help or advice would be greatly received and im sorry if this is wrong place but im desperately trying to sort this out for my dad after so many years. Claire
  12. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

    You could try the airport management for some info


    Blackbushe Airport Limited,
    Surrey GU17 9LQ
    Tel: 01252 879449
    Fax: 01252 743182
    Tower Tel: 01252 873338
  13. Claire, the pprune link at the top of the thread will take you to the pprune discussion. A poster called 'tarrant' may be able to help?
  14. If you do visit, don't go by air. Blackbushe and Farnborough are easily confused, as any B52 crew can tell you.