Trooping the Colour

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by RonS, Jun 17, 2013.

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  1. On TTC I noticed the rifles had a black shoulder pad is this to cushion the shoulder or protect the uniform.
    I also noticed the big drum had a pager attached to the top.
  2. I thought the 'pager' was probably an electronic metronome.
  3. Cymbols obviously too heavy on Saturday

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  4. if there's a caption competition my entry is....'Splat'; Jarrod's will be quite evidently easy!
  5. Was the Ensign wearing para wings? He looked a bit young to be an ex-ranker.

    But then I'm so feckin' old that the Pope's are getting to look like school boys.
  6. Noticed this as well.
    As he didn't have an Afghan tour gong up perhaps he was on P-Company?
    He did particularly well with the slow march past.

    The BBC broadcast this year was excellent with few inanities from the taff commentator
    and having Gen Roberts assisting added to the televising of the parade.
    Even the fill-in cut-aways were not too distracting.
  7. BBC talk over... Indeed, People watch to see the parade and hear the music.

    Maybe the BBC used to pay by the amount of words the commentators said....