Trooping the Colour

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Queensman, Jun 11, 2011.

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  1. Good Luck and Best Wishes to the 3rd Foot Guards in particular and to the rest of the Household Division as they troop the Colour this morning! I'm looking forward to a cracking parade.
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  2. Always enjoyed The Trooping of the Colour, like Last night of the Proms, a Good bit of Old Britain.

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  3. In the good old services banter and piss-take the Woodentops and Donkey-Wallopers suffer as much as any.
    However, when the world watches as they strut their stuff, Its my belief that we all swell with the pride of association, and we recognise that" I cant do that!"
    Remember the Drill Pigs soft words of encouragement - "Work hard - or suffer!"
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  4. I wish it was televised over here in the USA.
    Hope the weather is kind.
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  5. Just out of curiosity, ive been watching and noticed that some sgt's stripes are white and some are yellow, is there a reason for this as it seems to be a mixture of both?
  6. Stirring stuff. But don't a lot of them lads look young (and short!).
    Despite all the bullshit and prep, I imagine to a man they are bursting with pride on the day, even the old sweats.
    One minor beef - why are they interrupting the parade to cut away to Clare Balding waffling? Very irritating.
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  7. Watching out here in South Africa, brilliant display and as ever something to be proud of.
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  8. Excellent parade so far! Well done the lads.
  9. Best moment.RSM 1 SG draws sword!
  10. What channel are you watching on? They haven't cut to Clare on BBC1...
  11. White are Lance Sergeants (Corporals to you and I). The gold are proper Sergeants.
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  12. Does anyone know if anyone in ceremonials is carrying a loaded gat in these days of heightened terrorist threat? Or would they leave that to the many armed members of civ pol who seem to be lining the parade route.
    I always thought that it was weapons unloaded at these things. I have a mate who served in op banner back in the seventies, and even on patrol there he reckons he never carried more than 10 rounds.
  13. BBC1 - about 10 minutes ago - did you nip out for a fag and miss it? :)
  14. Why does that horrible slag keep appearing getting all horny talking about the fuckin horses!
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