Trooping the colour

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Mighty_doh_nut, Jun 11, 2005.

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  1. Watched it this morning, and although the Gaurds look very girly and poncy and the Piccadily cowboys even wetter I couldn't help feeing proud to be British, a feelign that happpens less and less nowadays.

    Lots of pomp and ceremony and lots of Marchy drilly stuff.

    Also nice to see the Irish guards latest battle honour stitched neatly onto thier guidon.
  2. Agreed, does give a bit of a pride 'boost'. Forced my two (civvy) mates to sit through it, despite me having to endure bone questions, like 'How come he's got a sword?', 'Who's the chap with the stick?' and (my favourite) 'What's that flag thing?'.
  3. Ulster Fry, but with a tricolour Mmm, interesting
  4. No other country does it better mate..
  5. had forgotten it was on just stumbled on it a few minutes before it started

    and glad i did, i felt very proud while watching it
  6. I missed it, sitting as I was in some friends' garden in southwest London having a barbie with Mrs. Veg and Little Veg.

    My mate's missus got extremely bothered as we heard (extremely) low-flying aircraft: "Ohmigod! It's an airliner being escorted by two fighters! It's our 9/11! Itstheendoftheworldasweknowit!!!"

    I could hear the noisy barstewards but I couldn't see them. It certainly sounded rather dramatic.

    My mate said "It was two Tornadoes I think, all bombed up. Didn't see the airliner though."

    I was actually starting to get a bit, well, excited at this point and said "put Sky news on." Unfortunately, my friend doesn't have cable. Hmmm.

    Of course, it was a Nimrod doing a flypast for the Trooping. Doh.

    I think it says something about the times we live in that our first thoughts were those of terrorism and not a flypast by the crabs.

  7. I watched it again this year. Well done to all involved.

    Apart from the horsey woman brought on to commentate when the horses were involved.
  8. Couldn't sleep all night, so I went to bed again at 8, set my alarm for 12, and intended to wake up and catch this on telly (to make up for not being able to go into London and stand around "on location")

    What happens? Alarm didn't go off :evil:
  9. Hoozah!

    Very good!

    Who was the Navy 4-ringer in the spectators' box who decided to combine the salute with a scratch of the nose?

    Not one of ours surely? 8O
  10. Yep...........seen, Jonny Foreigner methinks...........probably spic.

    Anyone twig the paddywoodentop with his medals hanging by a thread at a very odd angle....... :lol:

    Mind coming from a Regt who's idea of drill is the queue to the scoff house I can't really comment.
  11. [​IMG]

    Egg banjo in his crunchy marching suit and a young Royal Marine he talked into being his pal for a minute or two........ even as a wannabe he yearns for the Army Air Corps :D :D

    Am i right, is it Taffy?
  12. Feck me you've been itching to get that in............(as your missus said to the Gurkha demo Coy last night)

    kunt. :lol:
  13. From the South, but I was (at the time of creating the account) living in Belfast, and had just eaten a rather splendid full Ulster breakfast.

    Now hush, mouth.
  14. Was Eddie wearing a Royal Marines tie?

    If so, that makes him Walt of the Year!


    [​IMG] :twisted:
  15. I saw it on the news and thought it a bit sad that the voice over bloke felt it necessary to point out that 'these are not just ceremonial soldiers, they do war-fighting too'.