Trooping The Colour

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by moosh, Jun 14, 2009.

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  1. After watching this years Trooping The Colour on TV last night I couldnt help but notice how unfit and fat the Guards have become,the women on parade especially the fat ones looked a joke and I felt embarrassed for the army as a whole especially when I noticed the fat sncos in the ranks.
    I feel that this is a reflection on how the health and safety and politically correct culture which was forced on the army has damaged the robust constitution of regimental standards of fitness and dicipline.A sad and sorry spectacle was displayed at the parade has undermined further the prestige of the army.
    Army commanders get a grip of these unfit and fat individuals or throw them out of service !!
  2. what paper do you work for
  3. I am outraged. :roll:

    Very poor wah. :roll:
  4. What a boring and irrelevant post.
    Well done all the soldiers that took part in the Trooping, i watched it on thought it was brilliant.
    When was the last time you stood still on parade for over 2 hours Moosh?
  5. I was actually amazed at how good it was. The horses were the highlight though.
  6. Irrelevant ? how can the fitness of our troops be irrelevant ? that absurd reply tells me that the guy has never served in the infantry and dosent realise that only the highest standards of fitness is required by combat troops on the ground
  7. H3

    H3 LE

    Some of those lads were perhaps the front row of the Battalions Rugby team ...... they've got some big fellas playing for them and all strong as feck :D
  8. Go away you trolling buffoon
  9. keepcalmcarryon...youve obviously not done any service on operations,and if you think the subject is boring then that tells me just how dim you are not to realise that physical fitness is one of the most important aspects of being a soldier,unless you have any positive contribution to make please be quiet and leave it to someone else to involve intelligent discussion
  10. Oh no!!!

    Quick to the outrage bus...
  11. not too quick crow, apparently Guards can't run so fast :D
  12. That's why we need to start now, we need to get a head start.
  13. So which paper then broad sheet, red top give us a clue.
  14. They're the smartest bunch around!!
  15. JD, why would anyone want a Coldstream Guards doll? You worry me sometimes...