Trooping the Colour Rehearsal this Saturday

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by papadolmio, May 30, 2013.

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  1. Quick Question... Can't get a straight answer from the tourist websites,

    Does the Major Generals Review this Saturday include the full parade down the Mall before and after the Troop?

    I'm taking Daughter No1 (6 yrs) to London this weekend for the first time and was thinking of taking her to see Buck House and the Parade as well as the usual touristy stuff. (Her Great Uncle was 1st and 3rd Bn's IG from 1939-47 and shes just starting to take an interest in such stuff- I know 1WG are Trooping this year but does anyone know if the Micks are taking part?).

    Many thanks

  2. Can't help with who is taking part in the Queen's Birthday Parade this year, but my recollection is that the Maj Gen's review/rehearsal thing does indeed include the march past Buck House from Welly Bks.
  3. HHH

    HHH LE

  4. I am pretty sure it is the Grens Trooping the Colour.
  5. It's The Welsh Guards this year
  6. Happy to stand corrected. I take it you are Scots Guards yourself?
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  7. Thanks for the info gents, we'll give it go and have a wander in St James Park.
  8. Whatever you do, don't tip the Grenadier program sellers.
  9. Taffs are doing it this year. And the Major General's parade is exactly the same as the Colonels next week and the week after at the proper one
  10. Yes, I know: should pay more attention in class etc etc. And this is one of my more alert days.
  11. Without the street liners
  12. Thanks for the info, gents.

    Daughter had a great time, wants to be a. a musician in the band, b. Kings Troop, c. a Yeoman Warder.

    What have I started?
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  13. Don't let her do a job that is almost entirely ceremonial, unless she really really really loves music.
  14. Anyone know why (for the first time ever, I believe), HM used a closed carriage today, instead of the usual open landau ??