Trooping the Colour - Official Attire

Hi all, hope it's okay to ask a probing question (!) but earlier this month my partner got tickets to go to watch the rehersal for the Trooping of the Colour event. It was a really hot afternoon and she was telling me that one unfortunate participant passed out in the heat. Without going into detail, he was also a bit 'unwell'.

We were chatting about whether the official formal attire is adapted at all in such warm conditions? For example, is it a requirement to wear a shirt or any other sort of undergarment beneath the tunics? Surely shirts/vests could be summer-orientated rather than winter-warmers?

I don't know this of course, but I would have thought that those tunics and even the trousers (and boots, for that matter!!) do nothing to help in cooling down conditions in such extreme heat.

No wonder someone fainted! Those taking part in such lengthy events must require some special qualities?
doesnt matter what you wear under your tunic to be honest!

but if you go on the lash the night before,you run the risk of fainting :)

its all good fun though :D
Guards Regiment's always wear kapok padded spine protectors in hot climes to prevent their sacred bodily fluids from overheating and driving them mad. They were a great success in the Indian campaigns and have been issued ever since to troops likely to be exposed to extremes temperatures.
It's not the tunic and tweeds that cause dehydration and fainting. It's the body sculpting corsets that are worn underneath to give that barrel chested appearance.

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