Trooping flight from BFG

Discussion in 'Travel' started by Andy_Caps_Commando, Aug 3, 2007.

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  1. Being a tight arrse, is anyone on the trooping flight and going down South (Colchester Way) that i may catch a lift off. :?:
    Willing to help out on the petrol costs :fish:
  2. Anyone remember the "Britannia Air - something like that - All the stewardesses had short skirts anyway" trooping-flights into BOAR (Bruggen /Guterslow/Wildenrath? in the 70ies?

    Cheap ( few quid )for family of serving troops back then?
  3. Yeh, rings a bell Old Bloke. Were they the bints in tartan? Seem to remember flying out of Gutersloh back to the old country a couple of times.