troopie prolonging my re-trade


my troop commander wont let me start the re-trade process due to not giving the driver trade a chance!
ive been in the trade about a year 2 months , i know this is not what i want to do but i cant even get the process started till the end of jan ???

need some advise

thankyou aston
is the officers forum really the most appropriate for your question aston...? you might get better advice on your corps / trade board?
Although, FWIW, your troopy needs to know that it is a soldier's absolute right to apply for transfer: I had MS himself reminding me of the fact a few weeks back. Your troopy's probably trying to do what (s)he thinks is best for you and for the Army, and may not be aware of this point.

Note for you, however: you do not have a right to transfer, just a right to apply for transfer. The process is long enough to give you a few more months in your current CEG and you can pull the plug at any point if you change your mind. And of course your chosen desination trade may not want you, so try not to burn any bridges.


thanks for the imput

its a re-trade in the rlc driver to mover if possible ive looked in to it and have the qual needed.
so i would like to get the process started but have to wait till jan but with leave commoing up its probely the safe option rather than (like you say burning bridges) but it seems everyone one would like to re-trade to mover at the moment and i just feel that arm going to miss out on the oppertunity that they need people at the moment.

CR, I mean "transfer". Including to other other Services. It is (Military Secretary's own words) "a soldier's absolute right" to apply for transfer. The Army even has an annual target of personnel to get transferred.

I don't know how that is affected by transfers to similar trades within a capbadge, but I've handled a number of transfers between trades in the RAMC without significant difficulty - although it takes fcuking ages to get done in some cases, due to some courses being preloaded with applicants up to two years in advance!

Can't say for sure, but it would seem a bit daft to allow a medic, say, to apply to transfer to become a mover but to not allow the same right to a driver. The Directory of Vacant Posts is open to all.

thanks for the input. what do you mean by THE DIRECTORY OF VACANT POSTS ?????????

where can you look at this directory armyland?? dins???

Speak to your RCMO, he/she will have the Directory of Vacant Posts. It can also be found by going through the Armynet website and looking under Serving Soldier.

You are talking here about a re-trade not a transfer. You do have the right to apply for transfer, however part of the process is to undergo an interview by a Personnel Selection Officer. If, as you said above, there are a lot of other soldiers interested in the same trade, the PSO would have to be convinced that you are fully committed to your new choice before recommending you. If you haven't given your first trade choice a chance, you'll have an uphill struggle to sell yourself to him/her.

Don't let that stop you though - if it is really want you want then have a crack.
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