Troopers (yea, i know)


I've searched through this forum until my eyes have bled.

I have the number for troopers, but i was wondering if anyone has their e-mail address; as someone has already said 'a post is cheaper than an international call'

Many thanks to all those in ARRSEland


I finally got off my arrse and called them (troopers that is, not 'THEM')

Spoke to a very helpful bloke who explained that the website will be up and running soon, when they have built their stock up again; apparently, they had a busy period recently. Unsurprisingly, the guy i spoke to was happy for me to post the e-mail on here (i asked)

Anyway, the e-mail address is

Caveat: i have not tested the e-mail yet; i sent one this afternoon, but am yet to recieve a reply.

It's good to talk!

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