Troopers webbing

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by gorilla, Nov 27, 2010.

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  1. After many years of abuse my set of Troopers webbing is well and truly hooped. After a new set, i'm thinking of getting a new set made up in Multicam, is it worth it rather than normal DPM. As for those of you already using Multicam webbing how well did it go down at your unit?
  2. Ask your csm or equivalent
  3. It's fine for me. The new MTP pouches for osprey can be used on a Multicam molle belt (that's what I use) and its pretty padded and more comfy than a normal hip pad.
  4. Which is a very good point. You can barely see any difference between MTP and Multicam.
    Insist on tan buckles or ask Bilbo boy.
  5. I dont think the difference between MTP and multicam was his point. I read it as his unit still being DPM and him worrying about getting ahead f the game.

    I may be wrong.
  6. So how on earth can your webbing be 'hooped'? You pie eating eating ****. Burn your own face.
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  7. We really should compile a Thesaurus of such eloquent insults, so we may all drop them into conversations!:)
  8. Point taken.
    I was getting ahead
  9. Wow!
    What's floated to the surface here?
  10. Either I'm going mad or my last comment was "vaped" lol

    General rule of thumb... If your unit are wearing MTP, then crack on with beltkit in Multicam.

    If the're still wearing DPM, then stick to that.

    If your good friends with the badge..... wear what you like!
  11. Could it not have come from the 'previously enjoyed' pile at HM Supplies/Du Bora or whatever they have in Luffenham?
  12. Thats what ive done and come the camo change over just change the pouches from dmp to multi cam.
  13. Did they sort their shit out and get on line properly.....
  14. I'd personally go back to issue until Multicam gets rolled out universally, just stick a nice belt support on it to make it liveable. Doesn't make sense to get a new set of DPM webbbing for 2 years use max. Save your money for a nice shinny new set 2 years hence unless you're going somewhere sunny in between now and 2 years time.
  15. will still be floggable to a TA or Cadet bod I expect, as many of them probably won't see MTP for some time.

    Anyhow, just like previous years, once everyone has MTP stuff, DPM stuff will become ally again, for looking a bit old skool.