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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by bawheed, Mar 16, 2007.

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  1. does any one think troopers/jayjay should get there arrsesin gear and get a website up and running as most of us use the internet flebay or other such sites it would boost there income has any1 told them this before and what was there answer or am i the only person who has thought this
  2. They should try spanglefish. I did, it's really easy and FREE
  3. What is troopers and jay jays? i know i sound stupid but i am from Gibraltar and all the kit i can buy is either from catalogues or the internet (or from shops when i am in the UK) there are no kit stores in Gib apart from a very shitty PRI Shop. What is so special about troopers and jay jays?
  4. they make mods on issued or non issued kit and make up there own rigs ie webbing or chest rig but the only problem is you have to phone them or go see them in brecon
  5. oh ok, sounds good. Are they anywhere near sennybridge?
  6. i know one is in brecon but dont no where the other is i havent visited it yet but i am thinking about making a trip i think they are there mainly because of the amount of courses going on there and the amount of military personel that are around
  7. yeah, they must make some good money as i havent really heard of dealers that actually modify kit themselves. Think i'll pay them a visit next time im in Brecon.

  8. gd gd m8 wat u in gib reg. ayer there well reputated most of senior brec get there gucci bits of kit there
  9. yeah mate, Royal Gibraltar Regiment
  10. yeah, that looks good. Is Jayjays expensive?
  11. depends on what ya buy really as in most shops but dont think its over priced liker silvermans. ere does your regiment do tours or are they just stabs
  12. what i ment to say was is your regiment regular or TA as most Ta units do tours now .jw
  13. You will always pay slightly more for Custom built equipment, rather then items shops hold in stock.

    If you want to custom build your issue type equipment have a chat with a local sewing machine factory, and see if you can find someone to do the work for you?

    If you want custom built bergans speak to JayJays or Troopers or Dragon Supplies.

    For Custom webbing as above will all do all they can to help.

    Most companies are able to do some custom work, I have in the past had Arktis make a custom Vest for me.

    If you are going to be in sennybridge have a word with The Camp Shop, and see if they can help? or RV Ops also have a base there.

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    The RGR is both Regs and TA . 4 Coys, HQ Coy (Reg and TA) . G Coy (Reg), I Coy (TA and Reg), B Coy (TA).

    We dont do tours as our main role is to defend the Rock of Gibraltar and the KP's although u can voluntarily go on tours with other regiments.

    The Regiment is soon to change though. We will have to do tours in the comming year or so.