Troopers 232L DPM belt kit

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by mcflurry, Aug 13, 2013.

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  1. For sale is a 232L webbing set by Troopers of Colchester.


    Double Ammo
    Double Ammo

    Each Double Ammo has a Smoke Grenade pouch on the leading edge. Ammo pouches have velcro and popstud fastenings, and the utility pouches close with 25mm fixed female clips. As a reserve, the utility pouches have had issue-style velcro patches and silencer strips fitted. The left-most utility has bayonet loops fitted.

    Roll-pin belt with live end cut down (it was massive). All pouches stitched to Troopers' high standards. DPM is beginning to fade, and the webbing shows that it was spray-painted sandy (most of it wore away).

    Dead light and dead good. Selling as I have a new set. Ideal for 34" waists or bigger, I reckon. I'm a 32" and it comes round just a smidgen too far.

    Offers by PM in pounds Sterling, buyer to pay postage. Will post abroad.



  2. Sold on eBay