Trooper Flight Cancellations

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by gingerslime, Dec 16, 2010.

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  1. Wasn't sure where to post this question but thought here was as good a place as any. I'm currently on a course in the UK but due to fly back to Germany on Saturday on a trooper from the usual airport. There is obviously the severe weather warning from the Met office which includes that area. If a trooper flight was to be cancelled because of the weather, would Air Berlin be responsible for getting the passengers back, hotels (if needed) and feeding or would that fall to the military? I'm asking because that flight is the second from last one before Xmas and I don't want to be missing it with my family over there.

    Cheers in advance for any helpful advice.
  2. Air Berlin is a civvy firm, they would mug you off.

    The ATLOs at your airport should assist you in hotels and messing
  3. I thought that might be the case, but was just hopeful that Air Berlin might have handled it as airlines have that legal obligation in normal circumstances. I'd hate for the RAF to mess up the situation and be stuck in Birmingham airport with no way of getting back to Germany. Just need to keep my fingers crossed the flight will be on.
  4. Well as I guessed the 1535hrs trooper flight on Saturday was cancelled at 1800hrs Saturday night, left sitting around in the departure lounge until about 2100hrs, then taken back down to the check in desk to collect bags and wait for further instructions.

    Found a quiet corner where a few of us got a few cans of beer, got some Michael McIntyre on the laptop and waited. about 2300hrs we are told we are going into the Hilton Metropole courtesy of Air Berlin (£200 a room) and to wait for the coach, that turned up just before 0200hrs. Checked in, more beers consumed and back to the airport for 1200hrs on Sunday.

    Checked in at 1300hrs, back into the departure lounge and waiting again, this time we were told our plane was actually coming to get us. We eventually get on at 1700hrs where the pilot told us we had to wait for more fuel and the de-icer truck. He said he had requested getting us boarded just after he landed at 1530hrs as he only had 8 passengers coming in so there was no cleaning to be done, if they had allowed it we could have gone without de-icer but he was told that Servisair didn't have even 1 spare bod, even though they had shipped and extra 50 people in from Cardiff airport.

    So then the waiting began again, we were 5th in the queue for the de-icer, should only take 10 minutes per plane. 2130hrs come and we are still waiting on the plane, no sign of the de-icer and no answer from the ops frequency on the plane radio. The pilot had head office phoning Birmingham for an update and the phones were ringing out, quick conversation with the other pilots say they are having the same issues. He then tells us at this point that if we don't leave by 2215 we can't go as he would have reached his flying hours before we hit Hannover, not looking good, eventually at 2205hrs the de-icer shows up and we are on our way just in time.

    Land in Hannover just after 2315hrs only to be told there are less busses than normal available so had to go to Hameln before Sennelager. Finally got in the house at 0400hrs on Monday, not bad for a journey that started from Bovington at 1230hrs on Friday. Oh and they decided not to give us food vouchers for the airport as we could buy it ourselves and claim it back on JPA, OK for me as I had money, but a couple of the Ptes were running low, especially after paying £4.30 a pint in the Hilton.
  5. You will need to pay for accomodation and a new flight at your own expense but You can claim 80% of it back of JPA as long as you keep the receipts.

  6. Where are you getting your information from? - If you are going to give advice best to ensure your sources are correct!!

  7. Surely the carrier has the liability to feed & accommodate you - not your employer, the fact that you can claim it back should not have entered into the equation - just as a matter of interest who paid for the hotel rooms?