Troop training becomes a casualty of war

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Skynet, Dec 23, 2009.

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  1. From The Times
    December 24, 2009
    Troop training becomes a casualty of war
    Michael Evans, Defence Editor

    The Armed Forces missed out on major training exercises this year because of cutbacks that changed the focus of the military to the counterinsurgency campaign in Afghanistan.

    One of the exercises, Bold Avenger 09, was one of the largest of its kind. It was supposed to have included RAF aircraft but Britain withdrew from the programme.

    The 11 other Nato powers that took part included the United States, Denmark, Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Norway and Turkey. A total of 50 aircraft were involved in the exercise, which included live firing at a range in Denmark.

    The list of 38 regular forces exercises and 18 Territorial Army exercises cancelled included: Snow Falcon, which was due to have taken place in the Arctic in Norway; Batus Run, which involved live firing at a large military base in Canada; and Sheldrake Spear, in Germany.
  2. double post.
  3. Disgraceful, an absolutely shocking failure of the duty of care, and yet we can chuck billions at failing banks, which are obviously more important than a few dead squaddies.
  4. It's crazy, how are guys (particularly TA) supposed to avoid skill fade and bring on the younger guys? There's only so much that you can do in-camp.
  5. How do you weigh up a military exercise on 'value for money'?

    If the cost of the exercise is higher than the cost of troops deaths, bin it?
  6. To be honest, a lot of these exercises are complete toilet for exercising troops. I would imagine a lot of them are the NATO jointery type exercises which involve a lot of sitting around listening to Belgians.

    Does anybody have the names of the exercises that were cancelled?
  7. Value for Money = Same way we weigh-up MPs.....

    MPs expenses: payback reaches nearly £100,000

    Bill Rammell, New Labour's Armed Forces Minister, will repay £2,782 for his recent oversight concerning the British taxpayers.

    Will he, has he?

    While many MPs are refusing to disclose how much they have been asked to pay up following the audit carried out by Sir Thomas Legg a civil servant into claims dating back five years, £97,250 of requests have now been made public.


    Former Baroness Taylor of Bolton has been named in a new expenses row after it was revealed taxpayers forked out more than £4,500 on a first-class flight to Malaysia.

    Former Bolton West MP Baroness Taylor of Bolton, Labour peer, who is now a junior defence minister, spent £4,527 on a return flight to Kuala Lumpur some time between April last year and March.

    Details of the flights were revealed by Armed Forces Minister Bill Rammell in answer to a question in Parliament.

    Mr Rammell also admitted that Defence Secretary Bob Ainsworth racked up a £6,197 bill on two flights to Bahrain between April, 2008, and March this year, when he was a minister.

    Mr Rammell added that Mr Ainsworth, since being promoted to Defence Secretary, had now asked ministers not to fly first class unless there was no alternative. YEAH-RIGHT!!!


    l'm sure the alternative would be indulgence flights via Brize Norton....

    Mark Wallace, campaign director, said: "We have soldiers going out to Afghanistan having to buy their own boots, yet defence ministers have chosen to spend a huge amount on first-class flights.

    Bob Ainsworth's repairs cost the taxpayer £5,925
    Bob Ainsworth, the Armed Forces Minister, claimed nearly £6,000 for the redecoration of his designated second home, submitting bills that included rebuilding the fireplace and fitting oak beams into his ceiling.

    In files seen by The Daily Telegraph, Mr Ainsworth submitted two invoices for £8,025 in July 2005, which detailed work to be carried out on the property.

    “Decorate on completion in style and colours of your choice.” The invoices also included electrical work, preparing floors for laminate, fitting a drain gully, supplying and fitting pine doors, as well as installing a 6ft by 3ft gate “with good quality locks” and constructing a 6ft by 12ft fence.

    Between May 2005 and April 2007, he claimed a total of £19,920 in renovations, repairs, furniture and electrical equipment. He also submitted regular claims for the maximum monthly food allowance of £400 and monthly bills of £45 for dry cleaning.

    Bob Ainsworth

    Job: Minister of State for the Armed Forces and Labour MP for Coventry North East

    Salary: £104,050

    Total second home claims

    2004-05: £19,275

    2005-06: £18,911

    2006-07: £18,878

    2007-08: £23,083

    Bob's reply: “I can state in all honesty that I acted within the spirit and letter of the rules. However the problem is, of course, that the rules were not good rules.


    ln response to Bob's plight, WHY can't he use DHE like the rest of the HMF? "Colours of your choice"..... they can even oblige in that area too, as long as it's magnolia.............

    As for the rules, it's the principle of the matter Bob. You claim year-in-year-out, whilst our OUTSTANDING troops have to scrimp and save; explain why they need - what they need. Even when it's their travel allowance to & from base. Y.O.U. However, have never been questioned - until recently that is; then again that's debatable - Bob!

    Value for Money = Same way we weigh-up MPs.....
    ln the meantime folks, use your votes wisely & l mean wisely. USE IT.
  8. asr1
    These are the first 38 exercises that were cancelled (from a previous written answer on 10 Nov):

    JTFEX 09

    Crimson Eagle 09-1

    Snow Falcon 09

    Lone Fin 09

    Torpedo Focus 09-2

    Sheldrake Spear 09

    Green Flag West 09-1

    TLT NITEX 09-1

    TLP 09-2

    Spontex 09-1

    UAE ATLC 12

    Egemen 2009

    Lone Eagle 09-1

    Baltops 09

    TLP 09-3

    Maxeval 09

    Harding Flame 09-1

    LIVEX 09

    Roman Cohorts

    Batus Run 09-1

    Blue Flag 09-1

    Maple Flag 42-2

    Maple Flag 42-3

    Batus Run 09-2

    Crown Pinnacle 09-4

    Bold Avenger 09

    Latin Bull 09

    RAF DOT 09

    Batus Run 09-5

    1 ACC WTI 09

    Lion Sun 11

    Mulberry Tree

    Black Warrior

    Cobb Ring

    Roman Eagle


    Global Maple

    Global Kukri.
  9. AH can't live fire in Morocco, it can in Az. Ex GREEN FLAG is a first rate, force-on-force ALI exercise that makes Ex FLYING RHINO look like a TA summer camp - hardly farcical.
  10. You couldn't make it up....
  11. msr

    msr LE

    Less of that ;)

  12. Flying Rhino was a twice a year excersise to maintain FAC currency for 1XX, nothing more. It was cheap as chips until people tried to big it up. Yes it could be a bit of a summer camp - but the soldiers appreciated being treated as grown ups without the stagging on etc (they deserved the break - afterall it was only for the benefit of a few Officers and SNCos.
    Too many chiefs trying to impress CRA and the likes of Sir Good without first working out what was needed and how to deliver it - including some grossly over promoted Flt Lts.
    INcorporate it into something bigger - yes make it all singing and dancing - I think not.
    Remember Highland Cardinal and Welsh Cleric?THye were the FR for UK and jolly good training too
  13. Ahh, yes, the days when FAC training involved a bobble hat, flask of tea and a canvas chair on top of a hill. Roll forward to Op TELIC when we realised we had FACs that were first-rate terminal controllers, but little else: no C2, no BM, no Jt Fires. Now Ex FR might have its faults, but it now exercises the entire fires chain. This might not be to the taste of the long-in-the-tooth CAS/FAC hobbyists, but BCs, FST cdrs, ALOs, FPCs etc also need training.

    Moreover, if we are to extract maximum 'value' out of our training events, then Ex FR is a good example of a single training event with multiple training audiences.

    Not so gleaming post really.
  14. Will change for the better when the conservitives get in, look at the drop in TA man power since Labour have been in power and we have never needed them more than any other time.
  15. msr

    msr LE

    No it won't. The whole country is broke.