Troop/SQN monthly 'funds'

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by MilitaryMind, Jan 25, 2012.

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  1. Is it written in Queens regs that you have to pay them?, I cant seem to find it anywhere.
  2. If you dont seniors cant go somewhere nice on the piss while you have sausage rolls down the pub or stag on the bus. Screw the nut and pay!
  3. No it's not.

    I went through this as a Coy 2ic - basically, it should have the status of a charity fund and it is down to the individual if they want to pay into it or not.

    I had a few lads who didn't want to pay - no biggie, they simply paid full whack for any Coy function that ended up being subsidised by the others, or missed out on anything paid out from the fund like contributions towards AT costs and the like.

    And seeing as this is the NAAFI, I wish to point out that, to a man, they were all bitter, chippy, passed over, bolshy cunts, who sat in the block being miserable gits whilst the rest of the Company went on a gigantic piss up which frankly, would only have been spoiled by them being there :)
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  4. Im a fan of troop funds, just not of scare mongering.
  5. I don't see the need to scare monger, it's certainly something I have never needed to do.

    As part of the arrivals process, I used to do a short chat/presentation on what the Coy Funds paid for and what sort of things it had brought for the lads in the past - sports kit, BBQs, day trips, cheap functions, flowers for wives and newborn babies, all the normal good stuff. In smaller units you could also pay towards your leaving gift towards the lads.

    If lads didn't pay on time, again, not a massive problem, so long as they paid in eventually. I found payday to be the best day to send the Seniors round! :)
  6. Stackerrrrrr!!!!!!
  7. That's why Sqn/Troop bars were so good in BAOR. We certainly had no need to collect Sqn funds as our bar was well run and very profitable. Probably not so easy in UK to run one and make a reasonable profit.
  8. Thanks for the reply much apreciated.

  9. No. At least it wasnt. Its considered poor form if you dont stump up though. But think of it as an investment. At the end of your posting with your unit you get a nice shiny tankard "From OC and all ranks". Or at least thats what mine said but that was the Smurf Brigade. Tight cunts. Even had to and get the fucking thing from the pissing engravers in Monchengladbach.
  10. Had one bloke at my last unit who refused to pay. When he was on guard the guard commander had to ensure that he didnt watch TV on his downtime as it was paid for by Coy funds. A tad childish but it made others think twice about it. He also had to use own transport to local sports events rather than the provided minibus.