Troop shortages force Navy to plug gaps in Afghanistan

Troop shortages force Navy to plug gaps in Afghanistan
The shortage of troops for operations in the Armed Forces has forced the military to turn sailors into truck drivers to fill the gaps in the front line in Afghanistan.

By Thomas Harding, Defence correspondent
Last Updated: 8:29PM BST 30 Jul 2008

Commando Logistic Regiment along with other units of 3 commando brigade training on Salisbury plain prior to deploying to Afghanistan Photo: PA
The biggest Royal Navy deployment on land for half-a-century will happen this autumn when up to a 1,000 sailors will be used in Helmand province to help fight the Taliban.

Naval ratings have been retrained as radio operators, drivers, medics and in numerous other posts to make up the 8,000 strong force that deploys for the six month tour in September
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In terms of the break point ... surely this is fcuking it now. Fair play to the fish heads for supplying these blokes and fair play to them for getting on with it but Jesus this is the thin end of the wedge now.

Note to Government - fund the forces and stop spunking our taxes on feckless mongs.
Jolly Jack has a History of fighting Landside, nothing new.
Also it seems that Helis are to be Hired to support HM Forces in Helmand.
If it gets Royal Marines, primary role Rifleman in a fighting company, out of roles that could be filled by others who have not had a shed load of money spent on them getting through Commando training.
Even if they still perform their Specialised Qualification role, say as a Signaller, they will be used in a Commando Unit rather than in Brigade HQ or Commando Logs.
Using manpower wisely I'd say.
It´s not like we have any boats for these sailors is it?

Just like the Royal Naval Div in 1914.
Why get on your high horses about this, yes there are shortages so why not backfill from the "Golden Rivet boys", it is good news in that it frees up the necessary bodies to get into their proper role, and also gives them, the "'Ello sailors", more experience in these roles.

Yes, the Gubmint are a bunch of arrses, but I can also see it from the other side.
The RN has much experience to offer in fighting in an Islamic country. Admiral Batchelor should be deployed immediately and with the threat of sending in Commodore Tunney the Taliban will surrender within hours.
Haven't there always been naval ratings attached to the Commando forces? I seem to recall some rather comely Wren Writers attached to 45 Commando when we took over from them in W.Belfast IN 1982?


This is bollox. 3 Cdo bde is going to deploy.

3 Cdo Bde is part of the NAVY! So where should they look to backfill their Log Sp from??!!

All part of sharing the burden.


3 Cdo Bde have always had Jack with them
148 Battery have Jack attached all the time as well.
Had RN MAs on my Cdo course, nothing new at all in this.
They will not be in combat roles. Although they have been receiving weapons training.(Shudder!!).
So to reiterate, the RN personnel will be deployed to replace trained Royal Marines in roles such as Vehicle Mechanic (RN Stokers/MEMs [Marine Engineering Bods]) signalers and Brigade Adjutants Tack Room Storeman, so that these men can then go to the fighting units 40, 42 and 45 Commandos to either be used in their Specialised Qualification roles or just as plain old gravs.


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Pitswamper said:
They will not be in combat roles. Although they have been receiving weapons training.(Shudder!!)..
Jack and Jenny have been receiving weapons training since the early 90s and have, to date, managed not to shoot anyone they shouldn't, including themselves. Unlike the Army :wink:
This is in addition the the normal posting of RN personnel to units within 3 Cdo Bde.

The RN is currently quite busy (see here), I believe these personnel will come from ships and units not currently deployed. Having said that, there's a good chance that a lot of them will reurn next year, and find themselves back at sea within a short time, deploying on opertions!
The RAF have been filling roles such as these for ages as well. I've known guys who've been put through HGV training, only to be informed that they are going to Telic on convoy duties as soon as they get back from Leconfield.

After their 2-week 'mini-OPTAG' at Honnington its off to Iraq.

We've also had RAF Int guys filling in Int Corps roles, on jobs they know the square root of fcuk all about.

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