Troop levels must be reviewed

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Skynet, Jul 18, 2009.

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  1. Troop levels must be reviewed
    Our servicemen and women are doing an outstanding job in Afghanistan. They deserve our full and total support. To do anything else at this critically important time can only serve to make their mission harder.

    By John Hutton
    Published: 9:00PM BST 18 Jul 2009
    But at this time of heightened awareness of both the service and sacrifice of our troops, it is right and proper for all of us – in Parliament and outside – to reflect on the mission we have asked them to undertake on our behalf.
    We need to satisfy ourselves that we have given them the right resources and the equipment to do their job safely and effectively.

    We need to ensure our aims and objectives can be realised within the resources available. And finally, we need to ensure that the burden of this campaign is properly shared, between the international community and the Afghan Government itself.
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  2. troops need less talk/promises and more action! our goverment put them in harms way ! so for gods sake look after them!
  3. Absolutely they must. The only thing worse than Isaf withdrawing from Afghanistan is us being there with no prospect of winning, due to no support from goverment. That way we can't win the war, and it is a war, even if we were to win every battle, we can take ground but if the government's half in half out approach won't let us hold it then after all the struggle we're in the same boat we were before any operation, with the exception of a few less Taliban. But they can recruit more from anywhere in the Arab world, no shortage of punters. Sorry if any serving may be offended by this, its not an easy topic, but it's just how I see the problem.
  4. I think that troop levels for Afghastlystan are being discussed at high level now. If Dannat and Bandwaggon Jockstrap dont get what they need stat, we need to orchestrate pressure.
  5. On Cyclops and his bunch of W4nker's or NATO or both? :x
  6. The problem is, of course, that if more troops are sent, where will we get them from? The army is over booked as it is. The only answer that I can see is we spend more on sweetening the deal for soldiers to join and stay, but that would be a gradual increase, not much good for panther's claw and the immediate future.