Troop Commanders Course

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Penfold, Nov 12, 2002.

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  1. How come that just after we get a green subbie from Sandhurst and they have just started to get the hang of things the Corps sends them off to Blandford?

    It seems that when they return to the unit they know less than when they left and have been taught a whole load of c### whilst they were there.

    Is there a better solution available?
  2. CGS

    CGS War Hero Moderator


    Send people such as yourself to instruct the likes of them at the RSS.  A Soldier of your quality would surely rise to the challenge of putting right the wrongs inflicted by those in Blandford!

    Or am I going to hear the old rhetoric of 'I wouldn't go to Blandford If you paid me a million pounds...'?
  3. OR................

    Recruit people with a technical background, and half, no no, quarter the length of the course!

    This seems to lead into the conversation on the other page. DOH!


    Do what we do with are soldiers, shorten the course (and compresss it with loads of other courses say capt and sqn comd des course!) and post them with trainning difficencies!! (This Tp Comd is not qualified to run a TN! etc..!)

    I hear a job in ATRA for me coming!! H'MM EXXXXXCELENT
  4. CGS,

    Whilst I would of avoided a posting at RSS in the past I would now like to go there as I for one realise the importance of decent, quality training.

    That is despite the fact that RSS now seems to be run by civies deciding what should and shouldn't be on each course.
  5. CGS

    CGS War Hero Moderator


    PM me or email me and we'll see what we can do regarding that posting
  6. HMMMM,

    Me thinks we have a wind up merchant in our mist'd here CGS.  As nobody in their right minds would say a comment aloud like that in public!!

    So which RSTCC where you on then MR. PENFOLD if that really is your name???......?

    I'd watch out or Danger Mouse might get on your case!!
  7. Here we go, opinions about the Troopies course...begin.

    1.  The course is actually pretty useful.  I moaned like mad when I was there that we were all taught far too much detail.  Once posted I saw that the more a young Troopie knows, the better he stands.

    2.  The course is FAR too long.  Pack the lessons in, make em all work, get them back to their troops as fast as possible. Especially with the new system of returning to your regiment/squadron after the course.  Learn on the job, as that's the only way to learn.

    3.  Don't use the Troopies as a rent-a-mob.  There will be some who want to drink all the time but some who wish to work quite hard and do well (this wasn't me by the way)  Let the inky swots do their own thing.

    4.  errrrm

    5.  thats it
  8. CGS

    CGS War Hero Moderator

    6.     Establish an Esprit d'Corps.  Not an elitist yob culture, but start by putting twice as many BLOODY GOOD instructors in the RSS.  We have had lots of good people there in recent years, now it's time to shut the 'Big Timers' up by giving them the posting order that they fear.

    The only people who complain about the RSS are the type who would complain about being posted there.
  9. I hope you aren't labelling me as a 'Big Timer' there CGS,  I will probably burst into tears.  

    I think the School does an excellent job teaching the Troopies (point 1).  The instructors are good and if you pay attention on the course you can learn an incredible amount.  If you don't pay attention then that's your choice...

    I agree that we need the very best instructors there but then that is always the case.  I would question the logic of posting people there who would then complain about it.  Nothing worse than being taught by someone who isn't interested in teaching.

    Errrm, that's it again...

    I'm gonna have to work on some better ways to finish these posts.
  10. Ah, the dear old Troop Commander's course.

    The most de-motivating experience of my career.  Pompous and smug Instructor officers, Red Tabs who wanted to bonk the girlies but couldn't be bothered to chat to the chaps (except when saying 'yes' to a drink at the bar) and SNCOs who didn't want to be there.

    ......and you know what?

    During the whole course, not one bloody lesson on leading your first troop and being introduced to the soldiers and learning what makes them tick.  Sandhurst is Fantasyland where everything works (it should it's been there long enough!) and the soldiers are only a far off image in the background.  Also being based on the Infantry as a trg baseline doesn't help.  

    That's not to say that the Troopies DS didn't constantly make condescending remarks about the soldiers to pretend they were such good - officers? leaders? managers? bean counters? electro-geeks? pointy heads?  What do we want our officers to be anyway?

    If we have a problem keeping the boys/girls in then we should look at how we impart leadership and a sense of duty in a Corps comprising high quality soldiers with IQs that match their officers.

    I'll just climb down from the soapbox now.

    The Tp Comd's Cse - A COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME!

    What's a Dipole?
  11. msr

    msr LE

    I beg to differ, having just attended the TA Tp Comds course - my only complaint was that it should have been longer.

    Top course, top instructors learnt a great deal and now I know where to look/who to ask to find out the other things I need to know.

    Trebles and beams all round!
  12. msr

    msr LE


    "Establish an Esprit d'Corps". You are absolutely right. I didn't join the Royal Corps of Signals, I joined my local TA unit, which happens to be R SIGNALS and of which I am proud to be a member. I did not really identify with the Corps until I attended the course at Blandford, and now I feel part of a larger body than just my Squadron and Regiment.

  13. Hey MSR,

    If your strting point of reference is as a part-time oxygen thief then course its all going to appear Tops!

    Complete waste of time and effort producing little more than a passing awareness of what it's really like to be in command at Tp level.  You only have to look at the product being delivered from the course.  It takes a good 2 - 3 years to beat that sort of crap out of them.


  14. 749

    749 Old-Salt

    i fear that Blandford is a waste of time
    i have taught myself more Telecomms theory in the last 8 months than i was ever taught at Blandford in a year
    if they can't teach the technical stuff then what hope do we have?
    have had some really good troop officers but also had my fair share who have not had a clue, but wouldn't listen to us pond life below them
  15. Straight from the rumour tree - The course is being completely re-structured for those starting later this year!!