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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by RetroMozza, Feb 9, 2009.

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  1. Hey guys

    As a lot of you may know from my post history - I am still VERY undecided as to what I want to do in the army...

    I'm now looking at being an officer, but I want to be in the middle of it - so I thought troop commander might be a good role.. do they still get out there and stuck in so to speak?
  2. Retro - I'll be honest with you - you have always sounded really confused on here. You also appear to have a very strange view of things - from wanting to fight to not being sure whether you could shoot at someone or help patch up a broken colleague.
    What do you want from life? What do you want from a job? Do you want responsibility for troops? Do you think it is all a bit of fun to run around and 'get stuck in'? Why do you now think you are Officer material? How is your fitness coming on? You seemed to have a bit of a struggle with that.

    Look at the Army and look at what you think you want to do - then go for it. Faffing about and asking odd questions on here isn't getting you anywhere. Only you can decide.
  3. I think I'm struggling to come across the right way here..

    I want to be on the front-line, I know it's dangerous and not all fun and games, but that's what I want to do. However, I know that I'll need toughening up for the job, I don't expect to be straight in there shooting at people and fixing up lost limbs - I'd need mentally preparing first - I hope that helps my point a bit more.

    What do I want from life? Enjoyment, fulfillment, satisfaction, memories. I know it's not all fun and games, but I'll enjoy the army lifestyle, I'll enjoy making friends for life - the exercises and training.

    I'm qualified enough to be an officer, but I don't think I'm a natural leader so to speak, and that put me off. But I spoke to a careers advisor again and they said that they teach you that stuff, so now it's a possibility. Again, it would depend on how much sitting behind a desk there is - I want an active job / lifestyle.

    The training is coming along okay, I've slacked a bit over the weekend, and I'm struggling to get out of bed in the morning to jog, but apart from that I'm doing ok. I can now do 3 heaves in a row, which is still shite, but better than the 0 I could do a couple of weeks ago. Stamina is coming along fine, I finished a full game of football for the first time in about 2 years on Thursday night.

    I AM very confused as to what I want out of the army, I don't know what job I want to do yet, I know I have to decide on that one myself, but I enjoy getting the opinions of people that have been there, done that, rather than the sales pitch from the careers office.

    Edit to add: I've already applied for the army, I'm waiting to be passed medically suitable - I'm not just on here fulfilling some Action Man fetish :)
  4. Don't forget - the Careers Office are employed to help you and they have been there and done that. Most people are now far more on the front line than they used to be, so that is less of an issue - it is more what you want to do when you are there.
    There is more to being an Officer than having the qualifications - and not all of that can be taught. Have you ever had leadership experience or management of anything? Did you enjoy it and even thrive on it? Thats a big part of being in charge of anything.
  5. If I'm honest, no.

    Since I left college, I worked in sales - which is all about you, it's not about team-work. I'm a driven person - working alone, but I would struggle to motivate others and give directions to a team... if I'm being completely honest with myself.
  6. so why do you want to be an officer if you would struggle motivating others?
  7. I was told by the online careers team that I would be taught all that when I'm in training.

    I voiced my concerns to them, and they said not to worry, I'd learn how to command others.
  8. Leadership is often a hidden quality that only reveals itself when people are put in a position to use it. Self doubt in this area at first is natural.

    Even if you join as a soldier you will still be required to lead so your going to learn it one way or another :)
  9. Yeah that's pretty much what the guy said to me - which is why I'm considering going in as an officer. The pay's better and serves me better for the future - hopefully.
  10. It can be a very thought provocking moment when a usless officer finds that the men he is leading are no longer behind him.I remember one young Rupert who found himself all alone halfway up the Falls, changed his whole outlook, he realised that not fitting in could be life threatning, and from that day on his troop sgt became his mentor and best friend
  11. God, that wouldn't be a good feeling.

    "Here ya lads, over the top of this hill then... lads, lads? LADS?"
  12. Have you actually done any research? You thought Tp Cdr might be a good role - you seem to have this view that it is what you will do for your whole career. Do you understand how officer career progression works. Tp or Plt commanding is only the earliest part of your career (the actual time depends on cap badge) and the roles are as diverse as the capbadges of the Army.

    Your seeming lack of ability to think for yourself and do any research suggests that officer might not be your natural route.
  13. I've been doing research, the one major cock-up though was I meant platoon commander rather than troop commander - got the two mixed up.

    Edit to add: Yes, I do have the view that is what I will do for my whole career -- why wouldn't it be?

    Also, I'm doing research now! I'm on here gathering opinions...!
  14. Give me flamin strength.. :roll:
  15. You aren't really taught leadership in training, it's more a process of drawing out & enhancing what is inherent. The only way to discover if you have the necessary qualities to be an Army Officer is to prepare yourself physically & mentally & then have a crack at the Army Officer Selection board.

    There are many ways to do the preparation - not just by joining the TA but perhaps by getting involved other sorts of activities outside your work where you can show a bit of leadership & gumption & therefore have something to impress a selection board with.

    Good luck with whatever you choose, but don't try & become an Officer for the cash. As someone much wiser than me once said, "being an Officer is about being first in line for the cr@ppy things and last in line for the good things." An oversimplification, perhaps, but worth bearing in mind.