troop commander not allowing re-trade

i need some military legal advise submitted my re-trade letter to my troop commander and carbon copied to my officer commanding .

Had my troop interview and she says i have to wait till the end of jan to start the re-trade process!?
reasons being i havent given the driver trade a chance she says cause ive been on various detachments and exercices,
i been in the driver trade at my unit 1year 2 months in the army about 2 years .

My troopie says that if i want a oc interview she going to strongly advise him aganist me re-tradeing now?? (can she do that ??)

and to top it all off my troop sergeant says he will charge us with insorbordanition if i chat to the 2ic sgtmaj or rcmo???!!!

i think they are delaying it on purpose because of tour early of next year!!!!!!!!!!!

i strongly wish to re-trade before next year, the trade is just not for me. it got suggested that if i have a oc interview and his aganist my re-trade that i should get a letter of him as will show carrer fowling or something along those lines ??!!!!

It says in the rlc yearbook they should incourage re-trade oc/co!!!!!!!

advise needed!!!!!!!!
Go and speak to your RCMO.
Agree that you must request an interview with your RCMO, but you must also be aware that a re-trade can take easily upto 18 months to be complete. Also depends on many factors like what do you want to retrade to ? have they got vacancies ? etc

But you are definately to seek an interview with RCMO
Why post this here, reading your post you are badged RLC. Re post it in the RHQ (Personnel, Pay and Discipline) thread. The description for this section is miss leading at time, when it refers to LEGAL its referring to medico legal.
Actually I think the 'professionally qualified' refers to any PQO including ALS and even ETS, as well as medical, dental and the grey mafia. It was clearer in the 'old' days, when the forum was described, with deadly accuracy, as 'bad beret central'.

That said, the poster is more likely to get a helpful answer in the RHQ forum.
Taken from

Transferring within the Army can provide the opportunity to learn new skills and accept greater responsibility. There are over 143 trades, called Career Employment Groups (CEGs), within the Army and all welcome the additional skills that soldiers from other capbadges bring with them. As promotion opportunity varies widely between capbadges, it is worth exploring all options open and, where possible, discuss these with members of the other capbadge.

Soldiers who wish to transfer must first identify their choice of capbadge and trade and then apply through their chain of command using Army Form B241 - Request to Transfer, which is available in unit orderly rooms. Once initiated the form must be forwarded to the APC, it may not be delayed or refused in the unit for any reason. For more information contact WO1 ****** (OpSpec observed) at The Directorate Of Manning Army 01980 61 5835 or Mil 94344 5835.

Within the RLC you are entitled to request a change of trade to another Career Employment Group (CEG) either within the RLC or in another Arm or Corps. If you are requesting a change of trade within the RLC there is a Corps specific form that is available from the APC/RLC website. You need to speak to your RCMO and request a copy of the relevant application form. You have a right to apply to transfer between trades, however the other trades do not have to accept you. :
I transfered from the RLC to the RAMC a number of years ago. The bumf you are being told by your hierachy is just drivel, and no one can stop you from re-trading as long as a vacancy exists and you are qualified for the post (o levels etc). Dont let them bully you and speak to your RCMO. If they want to charge you for speaking to your RCMO then refuse to accept the award and they will soon back down
It is part of your rights to request an interview with your local R.C.M.O.
You cannot be charged for this no matter what you have been told though. Just beware, if you go against your Troop Sgt, you may well be in for a bit of a rough time. If you are sure you require change, then stick to your guns as there are a few people that are placed in the system in the wrong C.E.Q. for their best potential.
I've already answered this same question on the Officers Mess forum. Application to transfer is a soldier's ABSOLUTE RIGHT and cannot be prevented. As for "My troopie says that if i want a oc interview she going to strongly advise him aganist me re-tradeing now", she can advise whatever she likes. I think her word will have some weight, so it may be worth playing ball in the long run to get her on-side (or wait for another troopy... they don't last long).

However, "my troop sergeant says he will charge us with insorbordanition if i chat to the 2ic sgtmaj or rcmo". LMAO!! I'd advise you to tell your Tp Sgt to stick it up his arrse, except that that really would be insubordination. It's a feeble and impotent threat that your Sgt should be ashamed of.

what do you want to retrade to?
back of christmas leave to finally get this ball rolling hope fully !!!!

spoke to the welfare officer and who used to the rcmo and he says go speak to the rcmo!

ill keep u posted

There are specific time-lines relating to application to transfer. Realistically speaking the process is a piece of piss. All you need to do is first establish if there are vacancies on your chosen change and ensure that you are qualified. Somewhere in you unit is a document called "The Directory of Vacant Soldier Posts". This lists exactly what is available, the qualifications required etc. All you do then is fill in an AF241 - Application to transfer via your chain of command.

Unless you are in a restricted trade, the application to transfer cannot be blocked. You can also track the progress of your application. If it is still within your Unit at the six week point, someone is going seriously wrong. Part of the process is an interview with an officer of the Regt / Corps you are to join. Once again, use this as a target indicator.

Good luck, hope all goes well
There are definite time limits on paper applications, your troopie/OC has 28 days to process the paperwork. Your Corps also has 28 days to process their part of the paperwork.

However, are you sure your troopie isnt just kindly saying "choose another re trade as they wont accept you for the one you have chosen"?

My advice is to do some homework, gather info on your chosen trade, make sure you have the right qualifications, approach your troopie with said evidence in a clear and thought out manner. It may make all the difference.
BTW, you can get most of the info from your RCMO who you dont have to use the chain of command to make an interview with.

Hope this helps.
For the love of God, don`t re trade to the RAMC!!!!!!!!!!! Do yourself a favour, stay in the RLC!!!!!!
I concur, don`t do it mate. Set your sights a bit higher, theres a wealth of prospects within the British Army, don`t waste your time with the RAMC.

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