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Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by theslayerofmen, Sep 16, 2007.

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  1. Have just been made aware of the following endeavours, and thought you may all like to have a look. Apologies if already covered......


    Who are we?

    TROOP AID was set up in November 2006 as a voluntary service to provide essential personal items to our service personnel who have been injured in battle in the present Middle Easr conflict. by Ray Warren, Derek Joss and Capt A* S***** after their visit to Selly Oak Hospital’s Alexander Wing in Birmingham Based here is the Defence medical Welfare Services. They are responsible for the welfare of all troops male or female who have been injured; some seriously during conflict in Iraq and Afghanistan and flown to the UK to expert medical attention.

    What are we doing?

    When troops return from battle to the UK from the war zones they arrive in the kit they are injured in. That is combat kit, boots etc. They do not have any civilian clothing to wear and no money to buy essential personal items, or civilian clothing.

    The aim of TROOP AID is to supply these basic essentials required when they return to the UK injured from serving their country.

    Examples are; Kit bags, full shaving kit, pair of trainers, socks, underwear, tracksuits and a warm clothing

    We also supply videos, dvd’s, books, games and confectionary which includes chocolate, crisps, biscuits etc.

    No furnished facilities have been made available for the rooms provided for family visitors wishing to stay overnight during their hospital visit to be near their loved ones. We have provided basic furniture for these rooms.

    Where are we doing it?

    At the moment we deal directly with Selly Oak Alexander Wing at Selly Oak and the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham We have also sent items to TELIC9 field hospital in Iraq, and to Frimley Park.

    How are we doing it?

    We obtain all our money by fundraising and donations.

    Contributions so far have been given by The Royal British Legion Club Knowle, Branch, and women’s Section. Solihull Royal British Legion Branch Club, MC Sports Acocks Green, Cadbury’s, BHS, Marks and Spencer and Blue Monkey. We have also been sent donations from members of the public who have heard about the problems.

    We would like to thank everyone for their generosity and support so far in this venture. With continued support we will be able to give our Troops the basic essentials that they deserve.

    To date we have spent £5364.85 on goods with a retail value of £26,824.25p.

    Why are we doing it?

    We understand that everyone who joins the forces may one day go to war and fight for their country. But we believe that when injured troops return home they should be cared for much better than they are.

    No military hospitals in the UK are deployed and operational.

    At both the Birmingham hospitals, the 8000 troops so far injured in the Middle East conflict receive the very best of medical care . However NHS Hospitals are not Military Hospitals and soldiers are not civilians. The ladies from Defence Medical Welfare do a fantastic job, working very long hours and are in contact with us 24 Hours a day 7 Days a week..

    If they require anything we do our best to purchase and supply these items within 48hrs.

    We will continue to help the troops returning from conflict for as long as possible but we cannot continue to do this without donations and some more assistance.

    If you would like to make a donation, provide equipment or offer physical assistance please contact :

    Ray Warren, 41, Hampton Road, Knowle, Solihull

    West Midlands

    B93 0NR

    Cheques should be made out to:


    All donations gratefully received and faithfully applied.

    Goods supplied to date

    T-Shirts/Polo shirts

    Hooded Sweatshirts

    Track-suit bottoms


    Boxer shorts and Socks


    Fleece jackets

    Water proof coats


    Kit bags

    Full shaving kits

    Hair clippers

    Nail clippers

    Plug adapters

    Bed frames

    Duvet covers and pillow cases



    Chest of drawers

    Mobile fans

    Waste bins

    Electrical equipment: DVD players, I-pods etc

    Confectionary: sweets, crisps, chocolate biscuits, drinks etc

    There are also contact telephone numbers available but i have removed these for obvious reasons.
  2. Set up a Paypal account please. Those of us who live in some places have real problems with cheques. I am more than happy to give some beer vouchers.
  3. just asking if anyone has heard of this endeavour? Not suggesting it is/is not genuine, just wondering if anyone in the blue yonder has had anything to do with this. If it is all tickety boo, what can we, as arrsers do to help? I too would be dubious sending money in without further information, but if it is above board, we really should be helping.
  4. rickshaw major....i will try and make contact with the guys that are running this. will confirm authenticity, and see if they have a paypal account. will pm you the details if/when i get them.
  5. Just found this. I can confirm this is genuine. As I drink down the the Legion there members of. I also know Ray Warren, who is an ex para.
  6. If anyone is interested you can contact TROOP AID organisation, which is a registered charity N0 1123888 at the following address

    PO Box 14482, Solihul, B91 9LD. Tel 0121 7113028 and e-mail:
  7. The local legion were raising awareness at the barracks open day last weekend, seems like a good idea to me.
  8. The Local RBL Branch in Solihull had an open day on 20th July 08 and raised the sum of £855

    WELL DONE to all the committee for a wonderful effort

    Much appreciated

    Chairman - Troop Aid
  9. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

  10. Just had a collection bag posted. Who are they, are they legit? What are they doing that SSAFA isn't?

    Bag says contracted to midland textile ltd which says to me is for profit. £100 per tonne to the charity. Quick google search suggests scam.

    Anyone any more info than what this thread has?
  11. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
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    Troop aid is a legit charity doing good work at Selly Oak.
    However there is a problem with someone trying to use their name.
    Have a look at:
  12. Seen.
    Seems legit enough from that link page. Cheers
  13. It's about time this thread got re-resurrected, it is a genuine organisation, they are the first aid for our guys and gals landing in Selly Oak.

    Selly Oak as a suburb of Birmingham is a shit hole full of Uni students but the Q.E. hospital is the dogs gonads.
  14. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
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    see my post above!