Troop Aid - supporting our injured troops

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by Troop_Aid, Feb 25, 2010.

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  1. Hi everyone

    Troop Aid (and me!) are new to Arse after being told to get our arses on here as this is THE place to be.

    Let me tell you abit about us...

    Who we are - Troop Aid was founded in November 2006 by three ex servicemen as a result of a visit to Selly Oak Hospital's Alexandra Wing in Birmingham. This is the home of the Defence Medical Welfare Services who are responsible for the welfare of all Armed Forces Personnel, male and female who have been injured during the conflict in Afghanistan and elsewhere.

    What we are doing - When troops return to the United Kingdom from the war zones they arrive back without their personal effects or clothing. The objective of Troop Aid is to supply the ‘basic essentials’ when service casualties return from serving their country overseas.

    Examples of what we supply are a grab bag containing washing and shaving kit, towel, face flannel, shower mules, socks, underwear, t-shirt and shorts. Female requirements are also provided. Our grab packs are currently being sent out to the UK Military Hospitals in Afghanistan, Selly Oak Hospital in Birmingham and other Ministry of Defence Hospital Units within the UK. Each pack costs £25 to put together and we cannot do this without the help of the military community and Joe Public.

    We are a registered charity with HRH The Prince of Wales as our patron and we were nominated for one of The Sun's Military Awards (The Millies) back in December and we were delighted to have made the final three in Support To The Armed Forces. So little by little we're becoming more and more well known but we acknowledge we need to do more to raise our profile, hence me, and Troop Aid being on here.

    I'm a volunteer for the charity so I'm happy to answer any questions you may have. I do have a "proper" full time job so will answer any questions as quick as I can (ie when the boss isn't looking over my shoulder)

    Take a look at our website for more details.

    Thanks for your time and reading this!

    Cat and the Troop Aid gang
  2. Good CO

    Good CO LE Admin

    Thanks to Troopaid for this - I was the one who rather impolitely told Troopaid to get their arses on here when I found only a single thread referring to them in 2007. It seems like a superb charity and I hope they get interest and support through ARRSE. I certainly got the impression that they wouldn't say to to some extra hands (worth asking Troopaid - I'm sure there are some folk around Solihull who would be pleased to help).

    I'd be interested to hear about involvement in / support for / feedback about Troopaid by ARRSErs.
  3. Thanks for the prompt, and the kick ***********!

    It is currently "all hands on decks" at the moment so anyone who would like to help us is more than welcome. The main way anyone can help is by packing the grab packs with us. Each pack has to be put together and a two man team can pack around 30-40 in two hours. With anywhere to 50-100 packs heading to Afghanistan every few weeks (and us making trips to Selly Oak once a week) we really so need each pair of hands.

    So if anyone has a couple of hours of an evening or of a weekend and wants to come over we'd be very happy to see them. The more the merrier, we have a little office in the back so we can take groups of around 6 or so. We're a stones throw from Solihull Land Rover and have groups coming from all over the Midlands to help out.

    If anyone is interested just drop me a line through here :D
  4. Good CO

    Good CO LE Admin

    I'm going to bump this again as I'm sure there must be people around Solihull who would enjoy giving TA a helping hand. If you know anyone that might then please send them a link to this thread.
  5. Just an update that tickets for our second annual ball are still for sale. It's on Saturday 11 September at the National Motorcycle Museum near the NEC. For more info see our Facebook page.!/group.php?gid=17552624658&v=wall&ref=ts
  6. I'll vouch for them, I've met Pam and Al, have done a titchy tiny bit of fundraising in the past, and my mum organised a donation of goods way back when. Every penny goes where it's needed and the founders work their fingers to the bone - no huge pay cheques siphoning off donations!!
  7. just sent a small donation, keep up the GREAT work for our lads & lasses!
  8. Ex - thank you SO much, every little bit as appreciated and as Expadbrat says Pam and Al do work their fingers to the bones!
  9. I was at the 1940's weekend in Brighouse this weekend and noticed that this charity had a stand there. I read through their literature on the stand and it had a lot of information about what had been done to raise money for the charity but not a lot about where that money is being spent so I had a look at their website and noticed some great feedback on there. Feeling a bit guilty now that I didn't donate at the time and was suspicious of them so I'm going to whack them an on line donation and bump this for their benefit.

  10. They do a lot of good work, very quietly and very efficiently.