Troodos UFO

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Hairy_Hacker, Nov 29, 2008.

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    A departure from my usual posts - just curious if it's credible or not?

    If such an event occured it's probably a sneaky-beaky thing crashing rather than ET drink driving and crashing but you never know. The wife (and wimmin in general) is proof that life comes from a different planet anyway.
  2. Sure it wasn't a U2?
  3. 1973 was before Cyprus was declared out of bounds, right?

    I've seen strange creatures there since 1982. Is this a coincidence?
  4. PTP, you must know that they are not there............
  5. Can't have been a U2. There's a big sign saying "Don't take photos of the U2, it isn't here."

    What's a U2, anyway?

    As I recall, It used to be the the big, leaking Everready battery that powered my mechanical robot.
  6. Sorry Heid, you're right, it was a howge Black Seagull , I saw nothing. Oh, that's odd, it's late and there is someone at the do..
  7. Under NO circumstances were any Olives Harvested from Akrotiri. Ever.
  8. PTP, you are correct. That seagull makes a lot of noise when it gets dark
  9. Not a U2 nor was it a SR71 blackbird that did not fly out of Akrotiri at 5:30am and did not come back at night. It couldn't have been because the septics said it wasn't there and what I thought I saw with mine own eyes in fact was just a very large black pudding.
  10. I think there might well have been some kind of non British reconnaissance aircraft based at Akrotiri. Because one tried to land on my head in December 1977 :(
  11. Perhaps - but definitely not a U2. No siree. Any shots of taxying U2 on the pan are, by definition, photoshpped because they just weren't there...ever. Got that?
  12. Says it all, I think.
  13. Hhhhmmmm. Some guys speaking a mangled version of English visited me in hospital afterwards. It seemed to be their native tongue but they couldn't pronounce some of the words correctly.
    Theres a thread on PPrune all about it. And recently a memorial garden was dedicated on the 30th anniversary of the crash.
  14. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  15. You are all mistaken.

    It was a weather balloon.