Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Spursluv, Oct 19, 2005.

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  1. what a fine specimen he is.
  2. An inspiration to us all!
  3. Why? There must be a reason, but why? I'm going to lose sleep over this one, I'm sure.........
  4. how did you come across a site like that?
  5. Hahaha don't ask!!

    It's just been a long standing joke with a few of us on a Spurs forum, not sure who came across it first, and god knows how!
  6. Why isn't he channelling his obvious enthusiasm into getting rid of that disgusting belly?! Half of the photos look like they were lifted from the 'Lancet'. Fat twät....
  7. I wonder if he goes out shopping in it?
  8. I bet he has, I bet he wears it at all times in fact.
  9. Stop knocking people for having a large belly, some people can carry them quite well. I myself carry several.

    Strangest thing about this Tronette is is buttocks - now, I've seen a few but never anything like his.
  10. Got to agree with you there, what the hell is that all about? that has to be the oddest Arris known to man?
  11. Well as hobbies go it seem quite harmless. After all, all he was doing was entering a fancy dress competition or " Masquerade at Penguicon" as he calls it. It's not as if he's a Tron Walt or anything. Who on this site hasn't turned up at a unit fancy dress party looking like a complete idiot? I know I have
  12. I dont usually need fancy dress. :roll:

    A bit odd though that he would dedicate an entire website to how he made his Tron suit. I thought it was tongue in cheek initially when I saw him strutting around in his long johns like Russ Abbott but reading on, he is deadly serious. Quite bizarre. I wonder if he knows that 'Peter Pan' fetishist bloke??