Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by Bad CO, Aug 10, 2004.

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  1. Bad CO

    Bad CO LE Admin Reviews Editor Gallery Guru

    I've just added a section to the FAQ on the subject of trolls.

    Read it HERE
  2. Bad CO

    Bad CO LE Admin Reviews Editor Gallery Guru

    Lots of stuff deleted as frankly I can live without it.
  3. Can't we institute a troll of the month award and have some suitable piccie flash up to ID the tawts :twisted:
  4. can we vote one of the mods as a troll??
  5. Can I be the troll of the month? :eek:
    Wait...let me go pick a fight first 8O
  6. who the hell are you then? 8O :D
  7. I happen to be the new troll around here! You want to make something of it?, punk. ;) :p
  8. Gob it crow. Get back in your box.
  9. Why not just vote for you. You've got the complexion for it and you hang around bars in Aldershot.
  10. Sir! The box is small and I gots nuthin to wipe me ARRSE with! :( ....You don't care do you??.......<PhaseSpace jumps in box and closes lid>
  11. Recieved by e-mail....
    The British Army eh?...your units must be sooo proud of you.
    For those confused why I have used so many they are revealed to the board by these people as me the usernames get banned so I have to register with a new identity, it's as simple as that.
    Flasheart and chums have in the past hacked my pc, taken over and closed my website down, trolled my website, hacked my passwords, posted my photo without permission on arrse, posted my full name, address and phone numbers on arrse, read my private emails, threatened me with violence, emailed friends, family and employers losing me work contracts (I had to close my small business down due to this) and stalked me throughout the net, falsely posting on sites using my name etc etc...the list goes on and on.
    These men have behaved illegally and immorally towards me. I return because I have been treated incredibly badly here and I refuse to 'lie down and die' at the hands of weak men.(For those newer members here I was an accepted poster here for a year before the shit began, and can post as a new character for months without a problem)
    I founded an outreach to the homeless 14 years ago on the south coast, First Response, which became a massive local charity and has helped hundreds of ex servicemen. I was the one original founder of this and don't lie. Apparently in the charity office there they have never heard of me so the mods here have decided I'm a bluffer and hence the campaign against me for 2 years. I have provided the name of the charity manager who does know me but they refuse to ring up and talk to him...they might then discover that I have not lied and that I work tirelessly to this day for charity....I gave up my last job to work for a charity for not much more than expenses (despite being a single parent with a mortgage) and have, with my team of volunteers just raised £14,000 for charity! : ) On which note..anyone want to sponsor me for a trek challenge I'm doing to help support the work of SSAFA Forces help?
    CO's ...Shame on you. You are very weak men.

    In order to progress this longstanding and very boring situation productively, I request a full and public apology from the administrators and moderators here on arrse, a re-instatement of my original username 'blondebint' and a formal undertaking that you will endeavour to moderate this site in a consistantly fair manner, and not according to personal and private agendas of certain moderators in future.
    Happy New Year?
  12. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Kit Reviewer


    Excuse me folks, many of my posts are tongue in cheek, if not bordering on the downright stupid.

    However I'd like to take this opportunity to make a very serious post.

    For those newer members here this fruitbat was a strange poster here for a while before it really began to lose all contact with reality, and has posted as a new troll/sleeper for a while until the medication wears off.

    It's delusions about the British Army in general and the UKSF in particular are sad, but not as sad as the way it posts 'advice' on all subjects under the sun.

    Now this is what really grips my shite :

    This bunny-boiling straitjacket model has tried to pass itself off as a councellor for PTSD cases.
    The fact that Miffy/BB/LL/OG/ nauseum is a raving nutter does NOT make it an authority to pass on 'advice.'
    Look at this seriously people:


    Many of you know people with genuine PTSD, some even suffer from it.

    Do NOT let this cretin be responsible for the death of any of our mates.

    As to the rest of the piffle quoted above, pay no attention, the Duty Troll talks out of its arrse.
    Which is not the same as our ARRSE.
    It is a sad blight on an otherwise extremely good facility.

    (Serious head off again - for a while)
  13. Someone must have had a really lonely Christmas to want to come back here and stir this dull wasps nest up again.

    Do everyone, and the site that you once decided worthy of a small donation a favour and go, you aren't wanted, not by anyone.

    If you can list a couple of allies and friends you have made then fine, I will consider standing down (but I doubt it :D )

    Who are you to dictate to the site owners, who fund and maintain this facility out of thier own pockets with minimum donations. Its thier trainset, not yours.

    You are very lucky they were so polite and have given you chance after chance after chance. I would have just hobbled you and torched your frumpy haircut.

    I'm bored to tears with all the reincarnations and new users.. tiresome and dull.

    If you want to do the site a real favour send us a piccy of your head on a spike for the front page.

    Nothing has ever been posted on this site that you can't have already agreed to... it was all sourced from the internet and must be something you uploaded yourself at some stage.

    Like this for example........... and my word you are a hog

    Last tiem I saw jowels like that they were on a basset hound.

    I know its the season of good will but I just can't forward those gestures to you... I'd sooner lick Mugabes sack.

    I assume Hereford have been re-tasked with hiding in my omlette pan and monitoring all my toilet movements in return for this post? :D
  14. If BB is going on this Nepal trek, her reasons have to be suspect.

    From SSAFA's website Chris Ryan is going. The squelching noise Ryan hears throughout the trek will not be due to damp boots. Ryan may need to be warned he may have a ( sing like Cliff) crying sh!t talking stalking barking b u n n y boiler on his exped.